Monday, March 18, 2013

Elder Cox's Fifth Letter From Aldama and Gonzalez

Hello friends and family,

I'm sitting here on the computer in Gonzalez thinking, what do I write?  I have the whole week to think about that, and I come up with a few things that I would like to write but, then when I get on the computer, I forget everything. :( 

Today is a beautiful day.  A little warm, but in the shade, the nice breeze feels great.  Can't beat that. (my keyboard is sticking a lot, it's driving me crazy)

Last week I was preparing one of my investigators for his baptismal interview.  Come to find out he had to have an interview with President.  So yesterday President came by ( Editor's note: I love Elder Cox's use of 'came by'.  The mission home is 3 hours away in Tampico..ha ha)  and they had a nice chat.  They set goals and it looks like he will be able to be baptized in September.  He said he wanted me to stop by in September so I could baptize him.  I told him I would get back to him on that. haha.  I  would love to come back someday. But with money and I know I will get busy with school and work. I don' know when, but hopefully next year.  That would sure be nice to come back and visit. :)

This week I was thinking about Adam and Eve.  I was thinking about their first few years after they partook of the the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  How was their first 20 years like? (Editor's note:  Love that syntax!)  I'm with my comp 24/7 but at least there are other people to talk to when I want to talk to somebody else.  Or when I get married, at least there will be other people to talk to.  I feel really bad for Adam.  I'm sure he was like: is there anybody else on this planet to talk to? All she wants to talk about is the same things: clothes, food, and how good looking the movie stars are. (Editor's note: Which movie stars would those be?)  No, I'm just kidding.  But really how frustrating that would be wanting to have a conversation with someone other than your wife and not being able to.  Just saying, funny thought... (Editor's note: Certainly got a hoot out of me..:)

As far as the work here.  It's going well.  We are still working hard, Mom!  Don't think that I'm trunkie :P  We are seeing a few fruits of our labors.  And the rest will come later.  It might be that other missionaries see the fruits of our labors.  But that's ok.  Actually a missionary let me know a little while ago that they had a baptism for the work that I had done in the area.  In my first area I had contacted someone and he was doing awesome.  Then all the sudden he disappeared.  About a year and half later shows up and says he wants to be baptized.  He read the Book of Mormon like 2 times and the D & C before he was baptized.  He knows the Bible through and through.  He is just an awesome guy and a great help to the ward.  It made me feel good to know that the seeds that I sowed so long ago that at least one was reaped. 

The mission is going by faster and faster.  Mondays come faster and faster.  I feel like I blink and I'm sitting on the computer again writing to you saying that a week just went by when it felt like 1 or 2 days.  It's all gone by way too fast.  I guess in the moment at times one wants it to go by fast and it feels like time is just creeping by.  But it seems that always looking back, one realizes that time went by faster than they would have liked.  I feel like that is what has happened in my mission.  I guess at times I wanted it to go by faster. but then looking back, it's almost coming to an end. And it went by way too fast.  I almost dont want it to stop. 

Just some thoughts from a missionary in Mexico. 

I love you all and may God bless you.

Elder James Cox

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