Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elder Cox's Fourth Letter From Aldama and Gonzalez

Hey Family and Friends,

Things here are going well.  I`ve been traveling a lot.  I`m glad my family bought me a set of suitecases that had a small carring bag with it.  I have been using that a lot.  I fill it full of small clothes and a few other things needed and off we go.  We go over to Gonzalez for a couple days and get to work.  The ride over there takes 2 buses and usually takes anywhere to 1 to the extreme of 2 hours depending on how many stops it makes.  Here you can get on or off just about anywhere between start and finish of the route.  But I can`t complain, it usually has AC.  Just here we pack ourselves in worse than sardines. Haha. 

This last week we were in Gonzalez.  We had a good time.  We taught the husband of a woman that was recently baptized.  He will be getting baptized the 16 of March.  Great guy.  He is overcoming all kinds of obstacles right now.  His last vice is coffee.  He said he was planning on quitting that cold turkey last Saturday.  I know he can. 

We went to go teach a less active member that a member told us about.  He wasn't there, so we sat on the curb for a bit to wait to see if he would show up.  And what do you know a woman and her two little kids started to talk to us.  She asked us who we were and we began to talk to her.  Sadly we were running out of time and had to go to the other part of town for a lunch mtg.  So we quickly talked to her about the plan of salvation.  She was fascinated and wanted to know more about where her husband, grandmother and good friend were.  They had all recently passed away.  She said that she would be interested in hearing some more.  She has 5 children and a neighbor that would be interested also.  We challenged her to go to church and then had to run.  Later in the afternoon we came back to Aldama. 

Sunday we had the young women (there are just 2) present the New Beginnings thing they do.  It went well.  We had an investigator come to church here in Aldama.  She is planning on being baptized the 23 of March.  We also plan on challenging this family that we found in Gonzalez for the 30th.  It would be nice to finish strong and see a family be baptized. 

All is going well here.  It's getting warm here very quickly.  I wished you would send some of that cold and rainy weather down here.  Snow would be preferable.  Haha. 

Love you all. 

Elder Cox

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