Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Elder Cox's Third Letter From Aldama

Hey family and friends,

All is well here.  We finally got a little of the rain that you sent our way.  Thanks.  Yesterday it sprinkled a little and today it's a sunny day with a few clouds out.  So it's a nice beautiful day out.

Today was transfers.  I didn't get transferred.  I'm staying here in Aldama with Elder Rivas again. And still covering Gonzalez.  It's been super fun juggling them both.  A lot of traveling... it's about an hour away from here.  But it's been fun because we have 2 baptisms planned for this next change in Gonzalez.  And two here in Aldama.  So it'll be alright.

Sunday I was called up all the sudden to speak because there was leftover time.  That's always fun. I've gotten really good at improv.  I spoke about the importance of a full tithe and a generous fast offerings.  What are some of the blessings.  My comp was told beforehand that he was going to speak and came prepared.  But mine was improv.  And I thought it was funny when a member came up and said Wow, you gave such and excellent talk.  So well prepared to me.  I almost laughed.  Nope 2 years of improv and on the spot, I've learned a little bit.  Now it's going to be fun when I get back. Because I won't be able to use my Spanish scriptures.  I'll have a hard time finding scriptures in the English set.  I'm sure that my bishop is just dying to call me up to talk.  I kind of escaped the farewell talk.  And I know that I can't get out of the homecoming one though.  God has a real sense of humor. I was able to get out of the farewell talk in Sacrament mtg, but man have I paid for it here in the mission.  I think I have spoken more times in Sacrament mtg and taught gospel principles class than not.    What I mean to say is, there have been very few Sundays that I haven't given a talk nor taught the lesson on my mission.  All because I didn't give a farewell talk.  No, I'm just kidding.  I have felt that my Heavenly Father has really helped me and prepared me for great things to come.

So anyway back to Aldama.  All is well here.  We were able to have success as I gathered the branch pres and his counselor in a mtg.  There we were able to come together on some ideas and  I hope that we are able to get the branch president excited about the missionary work.  Aldama really needs some help in that aspect.  We were finally able to get 5 families to visit that are inactive.  The branch presidency has promised to help us with them.  In that way we are really trying to work closely with the members to make this branch grow.  I would love to see 5 families be reactivated and in full fellowship before I go home.   And of course to see a few children of God be baptized.

Well that's about it from Aldama.  The work is moving forward.  Slowly but surely.  I'm excited and happy to be here.

I love you all and pray for you.

Elder James Cox

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