Monday, February 11, 2013

Elder Cox's Second Letter From Aldama

Hey family and friends,

Life is going good in the slow lane.  Things go at a slow pace on the ranch, but its fun.  I do enjoy it though.  Gives you time to think and enjoy the beauty that is all around. 

Some things that I like about Aldama are that there is really good fresh bread here and milk straight from the cow.  You can get a liter of milk and a pan dulce or sweet bread for 8 pesos. Can't beat that.  Oh, the little things in life. :)  I also like that there are a few baseball fields here.  They play more baseball than soccer here.  It reminds me of when I used to play years ago.  i do love that even though it is a little town the streets are paved.  That makes all the difference on your shoes.  But the best thing about here is the people.  Just down to earth people.  Sit down and let's just talk about life while sipping a lemonade.  Can't beat that.  They are just good people.  It's a nice warm feeling you get here.

Last week we went out to Gonzalez and enjoyed going to a little small ranch called Nuevo Progreso. (new progress).  The branch president took us out there and we taught a few people. (sadly we are not able to go back.  Now they have to come into town for us to teach them, but that's ok)  Anyway, we had a great discussion and enjoyed tamales afterward.  It was fun time. 

Sunday we had a great turn out.  I think I counted 12 people and that included the elders. Haha.  It's fun because they are all pretty close.  They welcome you in and have activities all the time.  And when they have activities there is always food.  Haha. :)  The food is pretty good here.  My branch president says that he has about 80 sheep or so.  And that he plans on bringing one in so we can have a bbq.  He also says that he plans on going hunting soon for jabalinas.  He says they taste pretty good.  Let's see if he hooks me up with some. :) 

Right now we are teaching a great family.  The mother is just coming back to church from being inactive for years.  And the daughters study in Tampico but visit on the weekends.  They seem to like going to church and learning more.  They even brought a friend to listen. We plan on having an activity this Saturday focusing on those that are not members.  It should be fun.  We hope they enjoy it. 

That's about it from Mexico.  All is well here.  I love you all.  Take care.


Elder James Cox

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