Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elder Cox's First Letter From Aldama

Hey family and friends,

So last week was pretty good.  We found several new investigators.  We were happy about that.

Saturday we were to eat with a sister but her son was sick.  So she said it would be easier to just give us money and we could pick a place to eat.  She dropped us off at a chinese buffet.  It's a pretty good one.  I like it.  I've eaten there once before.  But once my comp and I entered we noticed that it was full.  So we decided that we would hit up Sirloin.  Another buffet that is pretty good.  The sister gave us sufficient to eat pretty well.  So we grabbed a bus and headed over there.  We got there and realized that it was closed for good. :(  Bummer.  Se decided to go around the corner and just eat at the Panda Bowl.  That too was closed for good.  Bummer.  Well we came to the conclusion that it was just better to go to Carls jr and grab a hamburger.  So that's what we did.  It was pretty good. :) Sunday came around and my stomach was not feeling that good.  That afternoon I got sick.  So I have been sick since yesterday.  I'm just now feeling a little bit better.  I'm not light headed and throwing up anymore.  I think by tomorrow I will be at 100%.  I was just worried about the 2 1/2 hour bus ride that was waiting me.  But it was a smooth ride.  I got lucky and got a nice bus. :) haha.

Well so here I am now in Aldama.  Actually I will be covering Aldama and Gonzalez.  You can look those places up.  Little small towns.  About an hour a part.  Looks like I will be finishing my mission up on the ranch. Ha ha.  It should be fun.  Definitely a change from my last area.  Big mansions to little tin roofs.  I'm excited. :)  I've got to give it all I got and finish strong.

So that's the news from Mexico.  Not much.  Ha ha.

Love ya,

Elder James Cox

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