Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elder Cox's Seventh Letter From the University Branch Area

Hey family and friends, 

Did you miss me this last Monday?  I'm sure that you didn't.  Haha.  So what happened was on Saturday we were told we were going to have a special training meeting on Monday and that our pday would be postponed until Wednesday.  So that is why I am writing today instead of Monday.

This week was pretty good.  I enjoyed it.  We had an excellent baptism on Saturday.  Carlos was baptized by his brother in law.  It was a special experience.  His parents came into town.  They live about 4 hours away.  It was nice of them to come.  Later after the baptism they invited us over to eat.  They were going to have their baptism/birthday party dinner for him.  Carlos was baptized on his birthday.  A very special day for him. 

This week we also had a fun adventure.  I'll have to start from the beginning so that you understand.  So about about 4 weeks ago I was told that I was going to be covering 2 wards.  And that the other house that the missionaries were in was going to be vacant.  So I asked if we could move over into that house.  It was a better house all around.  We received permission and moved everything into the other house.  All was going well when President gave me a call and asked if i could move back into the old house that I was in.  Oh, just shoot me now, I thought.  We had closed the contract on the last house and had everything in one house.  It was going to be a mess, I thought.  Then he told me that it was only going to be 2 weeks and we would move back.  Oh no, I thought.  What a mess! Well whatever the President says.  

What was going on was he was puting sister missionaries in the house that we were living in for 2 weeks.  So the first problem I had was to find a house to move into.  Luckily I remembered that a sister about a week ago had told me she was thinking about renting an apartment and if the missionaries would like to rent it.  I cordially told her thank you, but we had a house.  So now I quickly looked for her number and asked her about the apartment.  She said that it wasn't ready,  They wanted to paint it and fix a few things.  And asked when we were planning on moving in.  I told her in 1 or 2 days.  She was like wow! umm let me check with my husband.  So they said they would but they wanted to paint the apartment first.  So I grabbed some missionaries and my comp and we went over friday and scraped and painted almost all day.  Did the finishing touch ups Saturday and moved everything we were going to need for 2 weeks.  

We looked at the time and it was time to fill the baptismal font.  We ran over to the church and started to clean and fill it up.  Then it was time to eat, ran over to the lunch, then quickly over to our house to shower and change.  Then back to the church to finish filling up the font.  Ok so we had 30 minutes to fill up the rest of the font and print off the program before the baptism was to start.  We ran over to the little coffee shop where they have public computers.  It was closed.  Oh no, we don't know of any other places close by... luckily we saw that a bishop was at the church building and so we asked to use the secretary´s computer.  He was kind enough to let us print it off quickly and we were saved. 

After that the baptism went very smooth.  And all went well.  We had several investigators come and they all enjoyed it.  Sadly I don't have pictures.  My camera didn't have a battery and so my comp has the pics.  Later I will pass them so that you can see. (Editor's note:  Don't you just love the syntax?:)

Well that was my week.  Nothing else new with me.  All is going well.  I really am enjoying my wards here.  I have a feeling that I will be leaving in a week and a half.  Just before Christmas.  I hope not, but who knows.  We have some great things planned for Christmas.  This will be a great Christmas, but I will sure miss you guys.

Love ya all.

Elder James Cox

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