Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elder Cox's Sixth Letter From the University Area

Hey Family and friends. 

How're things going?  How was Thanksgiving?  Mine was pretty good. Hehe.  But I didn't eat turkey. :(  We went over to a sister's house and she showed me how to make encacahuatadas (Editor's note: tortillas rolled with chicken in a chili peanut sauce. sounds yummy!) They are pretty good.  I'm trying to have the sisters teach me the recipes so that when I get home I can cook some real Mexican food.  I can make home made tortillas. wheat and corn. yum.  And I'm learning some really good salsa recipes.  How to make them from here.  I bought the volcanic rock and everything.  It's called a molcajete (Editor's note: Authentic Mexican mortar and pestle).  Makes good salsa.  But I'm warning you, I'm not sure if you are going to like my salsa.  I love habanero salsa.  It's soo good.  it's so funny how now I have to eat everything with salsa.  If it isn't spicy it doesn't taste the same.  Haha.  I tried that Pace salsa that I used to love and it didn't taste good at all.  Haha.  I was like this isn't salsa.  It was funny.  I was like where is my chile de pequin (Editor's note: the tiny, very, very hot chilies. Yikes!)  It's almost like candy to me.  I love it when they are in vinegar with carrots.  I finally found a purpose for vinegar.  I really don't like anything that is in vinegar, but with chile it's soo good.  Gotta try it. 

It was pretty funny the other day I was doing divisions with some other missionaries.  The companion for the day is from Ecuador.  And they don't eat anything spicy.  So he is having a very hard time adjusting to the food here.  So the sister made some really good hamburgers, and of course I had to put my jalapeños on it.  It is not spicy to me at all, its more the flavor.  And so I finished two huge hamburgers, they were so good. (Editor's note:  I think the reason Elder Cox has not sent pics home for awhile is because he has gotten fat on all this Mexican food :) I had to have 2 and there was a little part of a jalapeño left on my plate.  And I was about to eat it, but my companion asked me if it was spicy.  In my opinion it wasn't, so I said no.  So he worked up his courage and tried the tiniest little bit.  And you should have seen his face.  He starts screaming and drinking his drink and then grabs mine and then some fries. He gets a little upset and says what do you mean its not spicy, its really hot!.  And I'm just laughing my head off.  And imagining that's probably how I was when I first got here.  Well not that bad, but I'm sure the chiles were spicy.  I kind of felt bad for the guy, but it sure made my day to see his face. 

This Sunday in church was excellent.  The first ward we went to sadly no investigators came, but we had 2 inactive families that came after years of not coming.  It was nice to see that.  The second ward, i.e the other 3 hours of church we had 4 investigators and 2 families that are less active that came.  Four is great!  Seeing that when I began serving here there was nothing.  Haha.  Little by little we are seeing some miracles in that ward.  But I'll only be there for 3 weeks more.  President told me that he will be assigning 2 missionaries there and i"ll probably have the other ward.  The first ward is called Jardín.  It's a great ward.  Just gonna need some help a little.  It's got all the potential to be great, just needs to find a little energy and some enthusiasm.  We have some great hopes for both wards. 

We are going to be having a baptism this Saturday, Carlos.  He will be turning 19 this Saturday and having his baptism also.  His family will be coming in from out of town and I hope it will all turn out great for him.  His brother in law will be baptizing him.  Carlos is working on saving up and freeing up time from college to be able to go on a mission in 1 year.  I bumped into another one of my converts that will be sending in his papers this week to go on a mission.  It's exciting to see them go. I have hopes that 2 others will go on missions also. 

Someone asked me if I have Walmart and other American stores in my area.  The answer is yes, but I don't go to them.  I usually just buy at a little store all the things I need because it's close by. 
About my areas, they are really big in distance because there are very few members.  Most of the parts are very nice areas.  But I have come to love the members there.  Every area I love and have come to love the areas.  Each area is different but has a special place in my heart. 

My companion.  I can't remember if I told you his name, his name is Elder Barrientos.  He is great. We get along well.  Work hard.  He has 3 years as a member.  His sister and mother are members.  Father and other siblings are not.  His sister has decided to serve a mission also. 

Concerning my health.  I'm doing well.  My comp and I are healthy.  A little sore, but doing well. Sore because we were given permission to play some sports with the members Saturday.  And we haven't done anything really physical in a very long time.  I'm feeling pretty sore like an old man. This is not good.  And I'm getting fat.  You are not going to be able to recognize me.  I'm coming back brown, short and fat with a thick accent.  Hehe.  Well maybe just the fat part.  Hehe. 

Well all is well here.  We are working hard and are happy.  Looking forward to Christmas.  It's just around the corner.  I would love to be spending it with you guys this year, but 'till the next one.  I do have the only Starbucks in Tampico in my area.  We stopped by because a missionary gave me a Starbucks card a while back.  We stopped by my companion and I and had a frappuccino. Strawberry is my favorite.  Don't worry it doesn't have coffee.  But the point is, it's all Christmasy there.  It made me think of home.  Here there are very few that put up lights.  I'm sure more in my area than others just because of the type of people.  I'm hoping I will be spending Christmas here where I'm at right now. But we will see.  Changes are on the 18 of Dec. just before Christmas....

That's about it with me.  I hope I answered your questions.  If you have any more just let me know. 


Elder Cox

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