Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elder Cox's Fifth Letter From the University Area

Hey family and friends,

So this week like I said I received my new companion, Elder Barrientos. He is from a place called Torreon.  Great missionary.  We are doing great together. 

Also Pdte (Presidente) put me in charge of 2 areas.  I can't remember if I mentioned that in my last email or not.  So this was the first week having 2 areas.  We are trying to coordinate really well so that we can have the men of the wards joining us for the lessons that way we can be in 2 places at once.  Starting with family home evenings I think almost every night we will be doing splits with the members so that my comp and I can cover more.  It's fun.  Definitely put me to work.  I'm grateful for the growing experience.  We are going to have some great success this way. 

Just as you guys had received some news about the MTC and the missionaries needing to prepare more, we here received new news. Now everyone is on board with working with members and less actives. That is the main focus.  Retention.  Not so much filling up the tub, but first clogging up the huge hole that is making the water all fall out.  I've always said it's better to wait a little while and make sure the investigator has a testimony and is sure he or she wants to and undertands the commitment of being a member.  So that they can help build the kingdom of God on this earth.  And it's better to wait and make sure that the person is going to stay in the church.  So they changed a few things here in our mission. 

Changed the way we work.  They said no more knocking doors or street contacts. (Thank you! i have been saying this for sometime...)
Now it's working with the members and having them do the finding. And leaving the teaching to us. (That's the way I've been trying to work for the last 6 months) Hehe  And a few other changes, but they're minor. 

I thought how wonderful that is, that we will finally be focusing on members and fortifying them. And helping them be the full time finders. It's been a wonderful experience as we have been really relying heavily on the members covering 2 areas here.  As we do so, they get excited about the work and see how important their part in all this is.  They can do mighty miracles that we missionaries can't really do.  The work will go forth so much better now that the members will be even more involved.

Oh and today for our pday, we moved houses.  The sisters that were living in the other area had a better house.  With ac.  hehe.  And it is right next to the border of both areas.  So we decided to move in.  But we spent the whole day cleaning the house. Yuck.  I dont want to get married or have to clean up after girls ever again. (Editor's note: Are you young women paying attention?:)  I always thought the sister missionaries were clean.  But it's true it wasn't the worst house I have seen.  But all the drains were clogged with hair.  I mean that was a lot of hair.  I filled up half a grocery bag of hair from the drains and whereever else.  Ha ha.  But now the house is super clean and we are excited to be living there. 

More than anything I am just loving the mission right now.  I finally understand and feel confident being a missionary.  That is what everyone has always said: The first 18 months you think you know what to do, but really the last part of your mission you go, finally I got it. I undertstand what to do, how to do it, and so it really is the best part of the mission.  The last 6 months.  It's just fun.  I enjoy it a lot.  The members are awesome. 

Well I love you all.  Miss you tons.

Elder Cox

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