Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Cox's Fourth Letter From the University Branch Area

Hey family and friends,

This week it finally cooled down.  Just a couple days ago a big storm came in with a nice cool breeze and hasn't left.  It hasn't rained, but has stayed dark and cloudy since Thursday or Friday.  It's so nice to sleep at night now.  I turn on the fan next to my bed and it blows a nice cold air on me.  I have to sleep with a blanket now. Ha ha.  Before I would sleep just laying on my bed and occasionally have a light sheet, but most of the time it was too hot even for that.  I sure love the cold. Isn't it so nice?  Ha ha.  We will see how long it lasts here.  I think in a week the sun will come back and it will get hot once more. :(

Thursday I finished up my root canal and crown.  Got the crown finally put on.  Feels good and all is well. 

This week with the proselyting we confirmed a baptismal date for the 24 of november for a young man that we had been teaching.  he said that date so that his family could come.  He hopes that will be enough time for them.  They live about 4 hours away on a bus.  He is living with his sister and brother in law.  His sister was baptized a few years ago thanks to her husband.  Before they got married she got baptized and they were able to get married in the temple a year later.  The young man, his name is carlos had some questions about that.  Why he and his family couldn't go in.  But they were able to go to the the reception. We explained the importance of the temple.  And he really would like to go there some day.  Also he is thinking that he would like to be a missionary.  Right now he is 18 and just starting college.  It would be a great decision for him.  So he will be getting baptized the 24th.
We also had a couple get married on Thursday and that means they are now eligible for baptism.  We will be talking to them about that later this week. 

I had a cool experience last week.  We were at a less actives house which by the way was an awesome lesson and he finally came to church yesterday after I don't know how many years.  Anyway afterward I told my comp that we should go to a certain part of our area to contact.  We had a few minutes literally like 10 minutes until we needed to go to a meeting.  So we went to that area.  It's full of apartments and we walked to one of them.  Went to the second floor and I picked the door on the left.  We knocked and a woman holding a baby came to the door.  Her eyes were a little red and puffy.  I told her we had a message to share with her and her family about how they can live in peace and happiness in this life and be an eternal family in the next.  She was almost about to cry and told us she was just crying and praying for help from the Lord.  She had been going through some hard times and said that we were the answer to her prayers.  She asked if we could come back when her husband was there.  So we left her with a pamphlet of a the proclamation to the family.  We returned back yesterday and she read it and loved it.  But unfortunetly her husband doesn't get back from out of town until tomorrow.  We will be stopping by tomorrow to see them.  I know that God answers prayers. And it is a wonderful feeling when he uses you to answer a prayer of someone else.  This last week a couple people told me that we were the answer to their prayers.  And really I never felt a strong feeling to go to a certain place or a certain person.  It was just like we should stop by so and so.  Or go to this place.  Sounds good.  And later we found out that because we went, the Lord was able to use us to help His children. 

Next week when I write you it'll be the beginning of the next change.  So who knows where I will be.  President did mention to me that one of us will have changes but he still doesn't know who will be leaving.  I hope I can stay.  I really enjoy the area.  I really love the members there.  Even though many have told me that it is a very difficult area, I absolutely love it.  We have seen some mighty miracles and people so ready to be baptized. (they say it's hard because it's very rich.  And cold hearts) But the truth be told the members and the branch president are awesome.  And we are going to have some more baptisms next change.  We have a few planned.  We will see what the Lord has in store for me. 

I love you all and I'm grateful for your prayers.  May God bless you.


Elder James Cox

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