Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elder Cox's First Letter From the University Branch Area

Hey family and friends,

So here I am back at the cybers as they call them here.  The little stores that you can find a computer and internet.  It took some time to find one.  Let me tell you.  I think everyone in my area has their own laptop and so there is no need for cybers there.  My new area is a very rich area.  There are a lot of parts of my area that I can not enter because they are gated communities.  But other than that, it's pretty nice. and the HUGE hills that are in my area.  Let me tell you what.  I'm going to have some huge thighs when I get done with this place.  Haha. 

It's funny because just a month ago I was driving through what is currently my new area and thought to myself:  Wow! there are some nasty hill here.  I'm glad that I won't ever be here.  Well what do you know, I'm there.  Well the Lord has a sense of humor.  And a reason why im there.  No, but seriously I absolutely love my area.  It is called University.  It's a branch. But the best branch by far.  So far it has been the best organized and in unity or harmony than any other area I have been in.  The Branch President is awesome. He is ready to work.  Knows what he wants to get accomplished and knows how to achieve it.  He is working closely with us to strengthen the branch and hopefully make it a ward very soon. 

The members are very helpful.  Super kind and help one another.  Well I don't  know if I told you but I'm white washing the area.  That means that the 2 missionaries that were here were taken out of the area and my comp and I were put in their places.  So neither one of us knew the area when we got there.  The members have been super helpful and it's been a fun experience. 

We actually started an idea that I think is going to work.  We passed a list around yesterday to all the members to put their name down for one night when we would come over to their house and have a FHE.  BUT that they would invite a less active or non member to join us.  In that way we could have a lot more fellowshipping. Something we lack a lot of in all the wards here.  Well we had more names than we expected.  Tonight will be the first night.  A sister in the ward is inviting some less active youth and they said that they would love to stop by.  We hope all goes well.

We have been having a lot of success very quickly inspite of the area.  We are going to have 2 baptisms in 2 weeks.  And the next in 3 weeks.  I had the priviledge  of going back to my old area and baptizing Eduardo (edi) on Saturday.  That was so awesome!  He invited a lot of friends.  And about 8 showed up including his family.  He is the first to be the example and I'm sure many more will follow. 

So I received some questions and i will try to answer them.  My last companion was Elder Leavitt.  He was like my twin. we got along so well.  iI was sad to leave him. Neither one of us wanted to have changes.  We both agreed it had been just the most fun we had ever had with any other companion.  I'll definitely be going up to St. George to visit him after the mission.  Except he doesn't get home for another 13 months.  But oh well. 

My new companion is Elder Barboza.  He is from Lima, Peru.  He has 1 year out in the mission.  He is obedient and wants to work.   I'll let you know more when I find out more.  Time will only tell if it's going to be a great change or not.  But I have high hopes with the branch and area.  And I know it'll all turn out just great.

Someone asked if I miss the offices.  Well the truth be told yes, a little.  But I have been going back over once in a while to help my replacement.  Poor guy, he's trying.  I know how he feels.  But luckily he got more training than I got.  Which wasn't a whole lot but better than nothing.   I think I get at least 10 calls each day from him for something or another.  So I just laugh and try to help him out in whatever I can.  Thinking, ya,  I guess I don't miss the offices that bad. 

Something I'm looking forward to... General Conference this weekend.  I'm super stoked.  It's like 2 days in heaven.  I get to sit down in ac, and not do anything., just listen to the prophets voice.  I love it.  I'm looking forward to it.  Can you believe it? After this Conference I will have just one more Conference and then will be home. Wow!  crazy thought.  I'm glad I'm not in the offices,  It kind of was getting to me sending missionaries home.  Feeling a little trunky.  Haha.  Well,glad that feeling is gone.  It's going to be fun working 24/7 in the field once again.  President has me doing a lot right now.  My hands are full.  But then again I have always enjoyed being super busy.  I get bored if I'm not. 

Well that is about all with me.  I forgot my cable to send pics, but will bring it next time to send some pics to all of you.  I love you all!


Elder James Cox

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