Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elder Cox's Seventh Letter As Finance Secretary

Hey family and friends,

So I do apologize for not writing earlier.  I will do better.
well news... 
I got a new companion. Elder Leavitt.  He´s from St. George, well actually a small town called Gunlock.  He´s cool.  We have a good time.  We are excited about a baptism next Saturday.  Eduardo or Edi will be getting baptized.  Super awesome guy.  Actually I really look up to him. 

The work in the office is going about the same, but getting easier.  I think I will be here one more change, and am glad for that.  About the birthday, I had a great time.  Thank you all for your letters and pachages.  Got them all on time or just one day later.  It was such a nice treat.  Thursday we swung by DQ to grab an icecream cake.  We brought it to lunch to share with the family we were going to eat with. Their daughter was turning 15 on the 6th also, so I thought hey, why not.  And I really wanted an icecream cake. (cant ask for one of those from your mom to send you in a box... dont think it would last)  Haha. Well anyway the daughter ended up being at school so part of the family enjoyed it with us and we left like half the cake with the family to enjoy.  Then that night President and Sister Jordan invited us over for a surprise bday party.  Well not party, small dinner and cake.  I had mentioned to Elder Mendez i was craving some tacos de pastor.  And so what do you know he went and bought them and Sister Jordan grabbed a cheese cake.  Couldn't ask for more.  Yumm!  That was super nice of them.  it was a nice treat. 

Friday night was pretty cool.  Elder Leavitt and I got talking about family history,  I can't remember why, but we ended up getting on the new Family Search.  And somehow we got on the topic of how supposedly there had been some that have traced their lines back to Adam.  But I was skeptical.  Well what do you know, just by clicking back and back, selecting a few here and there, Elder Leavitt finds out that one of his ancestors is Thor (Editor's query:  Elder Leavitt is related to the Norse god, Thor??).  That's pretty cool.  Then it keeps going back and then he traces it all the way back to Adam.  I thought wow!, thats cool.  I tried, but without any luck.  I found some cool ancestors though.  Well, famous people.  Caesar Augustus, King Herod that tried to kill Jesus, King Nebuchadrezzar (Editor's note: don't you just love that spelling? :), and a bunch of kings from Syria.  Too bad Herod and Nebuchadrezzar didn't keep the greatest records, 'cause it doesn't go that far.  King Neb (Editor: I'm glad we're abbreviating now) and his family were stuck in Babylon for so long the lines just end.  Haha, just thought I would talk about the family history for a moment.  You never know what you might find.  And mom, this all came from your side of the family.  Dad, I couldn't find much after 500ad.  It just kind of ended. 

Well everything is going great.  I can feel your prayers. They help so much.  Thank you one and all.  Really, your letters and prayers are such a blessing!  Thank you for your sacrifice. 
I love you all and please know that all is well.


Elder Cox

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