Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Cox's Fifth Letter As Finance Secretary

Hey family and friends,

Life here in the mission home has been quite crazy with the Calls leaving and the Jordans coming.  Elder Flores and I have been running around like crazies here. It's nice to have the Jordans here as my new President and his wife.  But like always, I will miss the Calls.  They were super nice to me.  President Jordan and his wife are super sweet.  I felt so bad for them their first couple days here.  It's been a little rough for them.  But they have been great troopers.  They got here Thursday in the afternoon and I think they were up 'til 2 or 3 in the morning with the Calls reveiwing everything they had to do.  Then they were up first thing at 6:30 in the morning going at it again.  At about 10ish Sister Jordan goes, I just have one question:  I know we aren't in the states, but is there any food that can be bought to go, or something along those lines?  But I was wondering why she was talking about food. Then she mentions to me that she nor President Jordan had eaten anything since Utah.  They really hadn't had anytime.  I was like of course.  Let me run to Subway for you guys.  She had a huge smile on her face and was like you can do that?  i just chuckled.  So they were finally able to eat something.

That same day we finally received the 2 iphones we had been waiting for.  President Jordan and his wife will each have the new iphone 4s. And it was my responsibility to get them up and working and switch all their contacts and everything from their old blackberry over to the new iphones.  The only problem was time.  So I got them the chips they needed for their phones, made the calls to get them up on line, and I was told within the hour they would have sevice on their new phone and their old blackberrys wouldn't.  Well they left with the assistants to go to Victoria, about 3 hours away.  They said within the hour their blackberrys were out of service, but the iphones didnt have service.  Oh no, I thought.  This isn't good.  Everything is falling through.  As much as I tried today to talk them through a few things on the phone to try to do, they still don't have service.  S o hopefully when they get back into town tonight, I can fix the problem. Wish me luck.  Haha.

Well the work here in my area unfortunately is not going the way we want it to go.  Probably because of the lack of time we have had to spend in it.  But fortunately there is a brother in the ward with his wife that left to France this week, will be getting back in 2 weeks, and then we will be having a baptism.  We also have found through the same brother in the ward a friend of his who is super interested in the Church.  We hope to see him and his family be baptised very soon.
Things are going great. a little warm, but that's not new.  Elder Flores and I are doing well.  I love you all and miss you tons.


Elder James Cox

P.S. attached are some pics of last sunday when we got together with the Calls for their farewell. We had rootbeer floats. Super Good!

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