Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elder Cox's Fourth Letter As Finance Secretary

Hey family and friends, (Editor's note: I'm leaving the syntax as is.  It's such fun to see how immersed Elder Cox is in the language)

How're things going?  Things here in Mexico are going well.  We only have a week left with President Call.  Then in a week and a half comes President Jordan.  Wow! is there ever a lot to do on my part.  I've been super busy as the secretary of finances part.  As for the missionary work, well we have seen some miracles.  We have a member, actually he is one of the counselors of the bishopbric.  Well anyway he invited us over to talk to his wife who is not a member.  They have been married now for 3 years.  He is in his late 50s and this is his second marriage.  So the missionaries had passed by for him before and tried to teach his wife but she had said no to a baptism.   So we thought we would try again.  That was a year ago when this all happened.  This time we watched a little movie called 'Only a Stonecutter'.  It appears in the Doctrine and Covenants videos.  And we were able to have a great Family Home Evening.  All ended well.  A week or so passed by and we stopped by the shop of the husband.  We were talkiing to him when he had a friend that we met there.  We invited him to hear the message and he accepted.  Also he told us that his wife had been thinking about baptism, and wants to be baptised right away.  Wow! we thought.

So we made an appointment and stopped by to talk to her.  She was very excited and knew that her (previous) baptism wasn't valid, but that she needed to be baptised by immersion by someone holding the priesthood.  That was a cool experience.  So we talked to her about it all and we are preparing to baptise her this next Saturday.  What a miracle!

Also when we talked to the friend of the brother in the ward, we found him to be a great guy.  Not only that, but he wants to learn more and loved the lesson we gave him.  He has a wife and two boys, twins of the age of 12.  So we are excited to teach this family. I believe we will see much success with them.

I love you all and thank you for your prayers. 


Elder Cox

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