Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Cox's Third Letter As Finance Secretary

Hey family and friends,

Another blink of an eye and a whole week has flown by.  I'm more than half way through with this change.  I can't believe that.  Wow.  In 11 days I'll be celebrating 1 year in Mexico.  Wow, I feel old. Ha ha. jk.

So I'll explain today and try to work backward with the week. Today we went over to the bus station at 6ish in the morning to go pick up one of the assitants.  They were doing divisions and one needed a comp while he waited.  Well anyway at about 10 we picked up the other one and came back to the office.  We ended up doing a little bit of work that needed to be done and talking.  We got to talking about food and we all got hungry with not having breakfast in our stomachs. So I mentioned that down the street there was a Johnny Rockets that I had seen.  And that we should go over there for a real American burger.  The burgers there are more like real burgers and fries.  And you know it, malts or shakes as some call them. But they are the same thing.  So anyway we went over there and they were astonished at the prices.  I had forgotten that I paid that much for a burger before the mission.  Ha ha.  Well I convinced them that they needed to try a real bacon burger.  Ha ha.  So we all ordered and you should have seen their faces.  There were 2 missionaries that had never been to the States before and they really enjoyed a real big burger.  I showed them what honey mustard and fry sauce was.  It was good.  Good time had by all. 

We then went over to HEB and did our shopping.  We decided to buy some real milk from a cow.  When I saw real milk, I mean the milk you buy at the store.  The milk here is not the same.  I buy it in a box of 1 liter and it can stay outside the fridge unopened for almost a year. (Editor's note: Yuck!)  And all I do is put it in the fridge, get it cold and drink it.  I usually don't drink it plain.  I eat it with cereal or something Ha ha.  So anyway I bought real milk and saw real rootbeer with pure cane sugar. Mmm,  had to buy that. Ha ha.  Thought I would try out a little piece of the States here this week.  But dont worry Mom, in my cart was mostly fruits and vegetables.  Actually, yes, believe it or not, that is what I try to buy at the store.  If I dont buy them, I usually won't get them anywhere else.  I can feel a difference when I eat fruits and veggies one week and when I don't the next.  I have more energy. Weird huh?  What do you know?  Mom was right when she said, you need to eat your fruits and veggies.  Ha ha. 

Well yesterday was good.  We got together as a zone to have some pizza and cake.  There was a sister that was celegrating her birthday and invited everyone over.  We ate what looked like funeral potatoes, can't remember what they call it.  But it was better than funeral potatoes.  It was made with chipotle sauce and at a nice layer of cheese on top.  It was really good.  But the best part of the day yesterdyay was when we returned to our area and it was about 8 at night and we were looking for someone to teach.  We found a woman carrying a big 5 gallon jug of water.  So we grabbed it and helped her carry it back to her house.  We found that she has 4 grandchildren living with her.  She seemed interested.  The kids were super interested.  They couldn't stop laughing about my accent.  So it made it a little difficult to be serious at times.  So we laughed and had a good time.  And got to know her and her grandkids, ages 7,7,8, and 9.  We are very hopeful for this family and will be returning Sunday.  We hope they attend church with us this Sunday.

The rest of the week went alright.  We worked with a few members trying to get them excited about the work.  We actually got a few references, but sadly they weren't in our area.  But that's ok, we have great hope that they can help out other missionaries by giving them great references to teach and bring into the gospel.

Over all things are going well.  Happy and busy.  We are praying that the Lord will bless us in our area to complete our goals and see miracles even though we aren't in our area for as long as other missionaries.  I know the Lord will.  I will keep you up to date on how He does. 

Love you all.


Elder Cox

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