Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Cox's Second Letter As Finance Secretary

Hey family and friends,

How're things going?  Things here are going great for me.  Finally got everything taken care of in the office and I feel a lot more relaxed this weekend.  What a good feeling that is.  Ha ha. 

Yesterday we had cool experience.  I really enjoyed it.  Sunday there was a brother that is the second counselor in the bishopbric that told  us to stop by this week to visit him.  He had some work for us to do.  He said he would really like it if we could help him with his wife.  He said she is not a member, but basically is a member.  Just lacks one small detail, and that is baptism.  Ha ha.  So we stopped by his house yesterday.  We ended up luckily being able to talk to his wife also.  She is a great lady who has a huge heart.  So we watched a movie called Only a Stone Cutter and did a little FHE night.  She said that was just the movie she needed.  It was great to hear that.  We were also asked to give her a blessing and like always, the priesthood is real, and priesthood blessings are one of the most spiritual experiences i have had here on the mission.  So we have great hope for her.  Her name is Estela.  Estela la Estilista.  She cuts hair.  Actually does a great job and does well.  She's super nice and cuts the missionaries' hair free.  Can't beat that.  Ha ha.  

We also were able to find some service to do yesterday.  That was a cool experience as we gathered the young adults together and gave service to an older woman in the ward.  One of the girls brought her boyfriend and we were able to talk and have a good time. It was a great experience to talk to him in regular clothes while giving service. He actually seemed more interested. It was a small testimony to me of  the power that we as members have.  We can talk to our friends about the gospel much more easily than 2 young men in shirts and ties.  
There are people out there that want to know. They are curious and we have the great opportunity to talk to them.  I hope we all do our part to share the gospel with those we know and want to bring unto Christ.  I know that as we do that the Lord will bless us.

I love you all.


Elder Cox

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