Monday, May 28, 2012

Elder Cox's First Letter as Mission Finance Secretary

Hey family and friends,

How're things going?  Sorry I haven't written in a while.  Been a little busy.  I was talking to Sister Call and she told me she would send my mom a letter notifying her I had been a little busy.  But all is well. Tuesday of last week President Call told me he wanted a special interview with me after zone conference.  I was like, uhh, what did I do... So during the whole conference I was thinking, what would this interview be about.  Afterward he mentioned to me that he wanted to put me in as a secretary of finances.  Oh boy, I thought.  Well, I can't say no.  Here goes nothing.  The day after I received a call saying that President Call wanted me in the office on Thursday.  And to come in for my crash course training.  Ha ha.  I didn't really get much training. Got a credit card, a couple passwords and a whole bunch of homework to do.  A lot of work piled up.  It was like a mother entering a teenagers room and seeing a mess and thinking, Well, where do I start?  That's kind of how i felt. but all is well.  Figured everything out and we ended the week well.  So I can start Monday with a fresh start. 

This last week I haven't felt much like a missionary.  I felt more like a guy in the office crunching numbers.  But it was nice to have something different.  A different work.  When all was said and done I kind of liked it.  Working under stress, working on the computer, and doing numbers.  so I can't complain.  Someone asked if I get AC.  Yes, there is ac. Ha ha.  But not in my house.  Downside.  Oh well.  All will be just fine.  I haven't met a missionary yet that has died because he doesn't have ac in his house. Ha ha.

Last Saturday was great.  I had the opportunity to return back to Panuco for my last baptism there.  There was a young man that we baptized that was awesome.  It was such a blessing to baptize him. Actually half way through I had changes.  Last change Elder Mendez was with me for about 3 weeks.  And that was a great baptism for him also because it was his first baptism. He had a hard time getting started on his mission.  It started off rough for him, but i know things will turn out great for him next change. I left with a lot of prospective baptisms for him.  He will see a lot of miracles next change.  Actually once i left President Call sent 2 more missionaries in my area,  And so there will now be 4 missionaries there.  I'm excited for that branch.  I would have loved to stay there for at least one change more.  I'm going to miss them. 

Today we were out shopping next to the temple when we saw some members from our old ward in Victoria.  They had ward temple day today.  So we stopped by the temple to see a bunch of them.  That was super fun. :)  I enjoyed seeing old friends. 

If I didn't tell you, I kind of forget, I am back with Elder Flores again.  My son.  How weird is that.  But even weirder is Elder Gonzalez, my dad, is the assistant.  The other assistant is my step dad, who was  second companion.  And the secretary of President Call, who is my current comp, is my son.  I've got the whole family here in the office. Ha ha. It's fun.  We work hard and enjoy each other's company. 
That's about it.  I love you all.  Have a great one.  I will be writing on Saturdays from now on.  Until they move me out of the office. 


Elder Cox

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