Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elder Cox's Ninth Letter From Panuco

Well like always time comes and goes.  And I hope when the time runs out I can say I fought a good fight, I did my all.  Like my shoes, I would like to say I have been worn out and used in the service of my God. 

So this week was pretty good.  The first week with Elder Mendez.  He's got a lot going for him.  It's been fun learning from him.  We have been working a lot with the members lately.  Trying to get the retention at a better number.  Right now it's not too hot.  But with hard work, diligence, faith, and a smile, things can change.  We have seen some great changes and little by little things are looking up for this branch. 

Yesterday I was happy because not all the members were asleep as I gave my talk.  Last time I spoke, which was like 3 weeks ago, I got up there and everyone was asleep.  So I mentioned to the president if we could get them excited or awake before I talk.  So this time, I don't know if it was a time killer or to wake people up, but we sang a hymn after my companion spoke.  Actually there was a sister who spoke for like 5 minutes about temples.  Then my companion gave his first talk in sacrament meeting as a missionary.  His talk lasted maybe 2 minutes if I was exaggerating.  I looked at the clock and we had like 35 minutes left.  I thought oh boy, yet again.  Elder Cox is expected to take up the rest of the Sacrament Meeting.  I caught the eye of the counselor of the branch presidency who was directing.  Pleading with my eyes to do something to kill the time.  That's when he had us sing the inter medley.  So then I had the floor for the next 30 minutes.  Well I was happy because not everyone was asleep.  Everyone had their eyes open to start with after the hymn.  So I spoke of the atonement.  It actually went really well.  I could see in the eyes of others that the Spirit was able to teach the members better than I could ever. 

After much struggle, we finally were able to have a breakthrough with the Elders Quorum president.  We talked about the family home teaching that needed to be done.  And assigned partners and familes on Sunday to pass by this week and have reports this coming Sunday.  As we work with the members I can see them getting a little more concerned for their brothers and sisters who are outside the chapel not receiving the blessings that await them there.  We are seeing a little more success in this area as we pursue it.

Saturday we moved in the morning.  We found a new house.  Nice house actually.  The only problem is it doesnt have ac. :(  Another summer without ac.  Oh well.  With the fans it's not too bad.  it stays relatively cool compared to a lot of other houses.  So that's nice.  We are happy to be in our area finally where we don't have to walk 30 minutes to get into our area.  It's close by to almost everything.  The only problem is that means it's close by to the bars.  And the bars here are different from the bars in the States.  They don't have any sound restrictions.  Actually the louder the better.  So we have some nice lullaby music to fall asleep to in the night.  Ha ha.  My comp likes La Banda, the music with the tuba and the accordion.  Oh well, can't have everything your way.  Ha ha.  Is that McDonald's slogan or whose is that, 'Have it your way'?  I can't remember it's been awhile.  Ha ha.  There are no fast food restaurants here.  Ha ha.

Saturday night we had both branches join together for an activity. We Elders threw together.  We watched 17 miracles, had some popcorn and at the end had shaved ice.  It went well.  Had a few investigators come and they enjoyed it.  Thanks Mom for the movie.  Everyone wants a copy.  Ha ha. 

Well that was about my week.  I have to go, i have interviews with President Call soon.  I think it will be my last interview with President Call.  How sad.  He is going home at the end of May.  The new president will be arriving 29 of May. (Editor's note:  Sister Call emailed me that they aren't actually leaving until Jun 30) One and a half changes left with President Call.  Then we will have President and Sister Jordan from California. 

I love you all and pray for you all.  Está todo bien.  Estoy disfrutando mi tiempo aquí en la misión.  Fue lo mejor año de mi vida, este año pasado.  Para todos, jovenes y, bueno ellos que no son tan jovenes, yo digo, yo invito, todos, a ir a sus propios misiones.  Es lo mejor que uno puede hacer.  Dejar algo que ama para alguin (Dios) que ama mas.  Esto es lo que hice, y Dios no lo olvidó.  Me ha bendecido muchisimo.  Y para siempre le agradeceré por eso.  (Editor's note:  This is so worth the effort to go to Google Translate for Elder Cox's testimony of his mission).

Con mucho amor,

Elder Cox

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