Monday, April 23, 2012

Elder Cox's Eighth Letter From Panuco and 1 Year Mark!! Woo! Hoo!

Hey, family and friends, 

How're things going?  I heard it hit over 100 there. :p that's nice.  Ha ha.  Ya, it's a little toasty here also. 

Friday night we grabbed a bus and headed into Tampico.  They had rented a bus for us.  Lucky it wasn't too hot, because there was no AC. And it was tight squeeze. :)  But all in all we got there in one piece. Ha ha.  We stayed in a hotel room.  That was a nice treat from President Call.  But there was a tv that they had installed into the wall.  The only way to pass by to the bathroom was to duck your head and walk under.  One time I forgot to duck my head and found the corner of the tv.  Ya, just a little blood.  Now people ask what happened to your forehead?  Ha ha.

Saturday we got to listen to Elder Anderson.  That was a treat.  He is trying to learn Spanish and so for almost the whole time he spoke in Spanish.  It was really a cool experience. He talked about the atonement.  He had actually given the same talk when I was in the MTC a year ago.  But it was even better the second time. There was a lot to be learned and I was grateful for the experience.  I think my favorite part was when he decided to explain repentance and spoke in English.  He was able to express himself a little better and wow! was that powerful.  Good times had by all. 

Later that day we had a branch activity.  We played Jeapardy.  It turned out well.  The members enjoyed it and asked when we were going to have another activity.  So this Saturday we will be watching 17 Miracles with a projector.  Thank you, Mom, for the movie.  I love the activities because we are able to help unite the members and bring investigators to the activities also. 

Sunday we had a man that was just a contact from Saturday come to church.  Actually at the time he was under the influence just a bit.  So I was a little surpised and super grateful that he showed up.  He was all showered and shaved.  White shirt and all.  He came early and thoroughly enjoyed it. He asked when is the next time.  Well Sunday same time I said.  Sounds perfect i'll be there he said.  I believe we will be able to help him so much and we are hoping for a miracle to happen in his life.  A change from the life he was living to a new and better life in the gospel. 

Later Sunday President Call stopped by to drop off my new companion and take my other one.  Elder Ramirez is now in his house.  And I am now with Elder Mendez.  Yes,  another Mendez.  Ha ha.  He is from Tijuana and loves American football.  He's actually bigger than I am. The first companion I have had that is bigger than me.  He played as a running back in high school.  We hit it off well from the beginning.  It should be a great time together.  I'll send you some pics when we take some.  Ok?

Well, time has come and gone like always.  I love you all so much.  I'm grateful for your prayers.  Thank you.  I love you all. 


Elder James Cox

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