Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elder Cox's Seventh Letter From Panuco

¡Buenas Tardes!

¿Còmo estàn? Espero que estèn bien.  Things are going well for me.  i have seen many mighty miracles in my life and feel the love the Lord has for me.  I can feel your mighty prayers in my behalf.  Thank you.
As you know my companion will be leaving for his house in 1 week. Next Monday.  This Saturday we will be able to have the opportunity to listen to Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve. I'm excited to hear from him.

This last week has been a wonderful learning opportunity.  Oh, how the Lord knows just what we need and when we need it.  I felt that the Lord answers prayers.  Especially mine.  Time and time again.  And how He gives me special opportunities,  I feel like it's a 1 on 1 tutoring time to learn and grow more like Him.  I know I am far from it, there is no way I can obtain perfection in this life.  But even then, He gives us that commandment.  So we must do our very best.  And leave the rest up to the Savior and His mighty Atonement.  Oh, where would we be with out them... 

This week I was able to learn a lot about diligence, love, and patience and enduring to the end.  As missionaries come to the end of their missions, how they act that last little portion can tell a lot about a missionary.  And I believe how he will be after the mission. This last week we were able to have our district conference.  President Call and his wife came.  We were privileged to be able to attend Saturday priesthood session and adult session.  Then Sunday morning session each one having investigators come.  I know they each felt something very special.

We have a lot of hope for this next month.  We have a young man who is about my age and is super ready for baptism.  He has had some powerful spiritual experiences and is ready for baptism.  He told us that before he gets baptized he would like to fix a few things in his life and make sure he is ready and worthy to take the steps to be baptized.  So then this week he will tell us when his baptism is.  When he will be ready and repentant.  He is going to be an awesome leader here.  That I know. 

We have an investigator whose wife is a member and he is not.  He has been pushing to go to church and has a great desire now to learn about the church.  We are excited about him.  Last Friday we had the wonderful opportuinity to find a family.  The father is inactive but never denied the church.  He always knew it was true.  His wife and children are not members.  They are stoked about the gospel and I know they will be baptized soon. 

I have learned that through great trials come great blessings. I know that this work that I am doing is true.  I cannot deny it.  The Lord's hand is here helping us as missionaries complete His work.  I am grateful for the prayers that each one of you says in my behalf.  Thank you for the prayers of the faithful and I have seen the miracles because of them.  I love you and pray for each one of you. 


Elder James Cox

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