Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elder Cox's Sixth Letter From Panuco

Hey family and friends,

All is well in Panuco.  Changes were today.  My last companion just left, Elder Hernandez.  He went to Tampico.  He will be leaving on the plane to go home on Thursday.  It felt like just last week I arrived here in Panuco.  It's interesting as I look back on my time there are some funny patterns.  The last 2 areas I was in I was in each for 3 changes. Only twice have I had more than one change with an elder.  First time was when I was being trained.  Then the second when I was training.  It's interesting.  I wonder if l'll be here for only 3 changes too.  We will see...
The time sure flies by and we are left with only what we hope is fond memories.  This last change has been a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.  How grateful I am for the opportunities the Lord gives me to stretch and grow even if I don't think I can do it.  He knows I can.  I learned a lot last change and hopefully will continue to learn and grow. 

So this change Elder Ramirez will stay with me.  He will be leaving in 2 weeks.  And then I will receive another companion.  Ha ha.  Funny how that works.  I think I forgot to tell you, but for my year mark I called Elder Anderson of the 12 to stop by to see me.  He said he would and so he's stopping by in 2 weeks.  I'm just kidding.  (Editor's note: Good one, Elder Cox:)  We were told a few weeks ago that Elder Anderson will be coming in 2 weeks to visit.  It'll be a treat to hear from one of the 12 apostles.  That's a week from Saturday.  And the following Monday I will be saying goodbye to Elder Ramirez and he will be getting a plane to go home too.  They´re all leaving me... Ha ha.  It's all good.  I get to stay and enjoy the mission a little longer.  What a treat it is. 

Yesterday we had a combined branch activity that we missionaries threw together.  We sang a few songs about Christ and watched a few videos the church has and the program went pretty well.  I think the practices went a little better than the actual program but hey, it all ended well.  It was funny because we were all a little nervous and to top it off the missionary that was going to play the piano was on splits with a member and arrived like 45 minutes late.  So what we ended up doing was starting about 15 minutes late but with a member who could play the piano.  And so he was trying to read the music and play.  It went pretty well but it would have gone better if he had had time to practice.  It was nice when the other elder finally arrived and could finish the last part of the program.  When all was said and done the members enjoyed it and we had a few investigators too.  We plan on having a few more activities soon. 

This coming Saturday and Sunday are our district conferences.  Or stake conference as it's known over there.  We`re still branches and districts here.  So President Call will be stopping by those days.  And the following Saturday Elder Anderson will be in Tampico.  It'll be a fun 2 weeks. 

That's about it for me.  The work keeps going on and I try to keep up.  I love you all and thank you for your prayers.  May God bless you. 


Elder James Cox

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