Monday, March 12, 2012

Elder Cox's Third Letter From Panuco and Eleventh Month Mark

Hey, family and friends!

It's yet another Monday.  Wow!  That means the inevitable that time just keeps moving on. I have learned if I don't take advantage of the day's hours or minutes that the Lord has given me, I look back and am full of regrets.  So live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment as they say.

This week went well.  Someone had been praying really hard for cool weather in Panuco,  I just wanted to thank them.  It was a cool week with a little rain. Quite enjoyable. 

We have a great investigator who is a referral from a member.  Her boyfriend is taking the lessons and going to church.  He is awesome! Está con ganas, as they say.  He's reading and enjoying the Book of Mormon and church.  He will be baptized very soon. 

The branch is good. It's small but good.  We were given talks yesterday, my comp and I.  When the branch president gave the time over to us, i looked at the clock... 45 minutes.  Yikes!  Just the two of us to fill up that time.  Umm ya.  I had planned for a maximun of 10 minutes.  So my comp went first and he took up like 10 minutes.  I got up to the pulpit and asked the branch president how much time i had. He looked at me and said like 25-30 minutes would be great.  Ha ha. Great.  I'm going to bore the people to death.  So I get up there and look at the small branch of people.  It's about 35 or 40 members. And begin.  About 2 minutes into it I notice that most of them are asleep or talking to their neighbors.  Oh great I thought, this not going well.  I had a great talk planned, but just didn't have any desire to give it to a bunch of people that were asleep or talking.  So I closed my scriptures, and talked a little bit louder so they would hear me.  And then I began to talk just a few minutes about how the Lord needs to know if we are on His side or not.  If we are doing all the is required of us.  Because if we are just sitting around and saying all is well in Zion, I'm baptized and saved we are dead wrong.  There is much work to be done and the Lord is calling us to sign up and straighten up.  We need to be better.  Because if we are not doing all that the Lord wants us to do and enduring to the end, then what are we doing?  I ended a little like that.  And finished my talk early.  I didn't get a whole lot of smiles out of the branch.  Ha ha.  So what we plan on doing is having an activity this Friday.  It'll be a fun activity and hopefully they all bring a friend.  We have great hopes for this branch.  It's going to be a great branch.  The branch president is very supportive.  I'll keep you updated. 

Time just keeps flying by.  As I said earlier Elder Hernandez is finishing his mission with me.  Four weeks left.  I started to think about how time is flying.  I'll be in his shoes very soon.  Crazy to think about that.  I have no idea what I'm going to do when I get home.  Until then I'm going to just enjoy my time here.  I'm loving it here.  Things are going well.  I love you all and hope life is treating you right. 

Love always,

Elder Cox

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