Friday, March 30, 2012

Elder Cox's Fourth Letter From Panuco

Hey family and friends,

So I didn't write to you last week.  Sorry about that.  A bit busy.  So I will try to fill you in what happened last week.  First off I think my mom may have let a few of you know, I went to get my teeth checked.  Two weeks ago I went to Tampico to go to a dentist to check why one of my back molars was hurting me.  It has been for more or less a year.  Off and on. So I thought I would go check it out.  Went into the dentist's office.  Just a room with at least a dentists chair.  Wasn't exactly what I would say a dentist's office usually looks like.  A little dirty and a bit scary. Ha ha.  So I had the dentist check out my teeth.  He said just a cavity and that he would do it right then and there.  I said hold on one second, check it again. and so he decided to xray it.  Looking at it for about 5 minutes he said ya, I think it'll need a root canal.  But didn't really explain why or anything.  Referred me to his friend the endodontist.  He works in the morning in the same office.  I wasn't exactly thrilled.  So I cancelled the appointment and called Sister Call. She told me she would look for a different dentist.  A few days later she informed me that she had heard of one that was really good.  But she didn't know anything about him herself.  So I set the appointment for Tuesday. 

Sunday came around and President Call came through town. Come and visit.  He pulled me aside and said he had decided to put another elder with me.  So we were going to be in a trio.  I was going to have special changes and receive him the following day.  President Call commented on a few things to help me out. 

Monday came around and we needed to move apartments because ours was too small for 3.  We found an empty one close by.  And spent the day moving.  Later Elder Ramirez came into Panuco. 

Tuesday rolled around and first thing in the morning Elder Ramirez and I went to Panuco.  Elder Hernandez stayed with another set of missionaries for the day. We found the dentist's office.  It looked a lot more like a regular dentists office.  Ok. I felt a little more secure.  Clean with a receptionist.  The dentist sat me down and talked with me before anything.  So then he checked out my teeth.  Took a few xrays and come to find out he thought it needed a root canal also.  But wanted a few more opinions.  Had another dentist check it out.  Agreed.  Then the endodontist came in and he later explained to me that it was the tooth next to it that would need the root canal and that the tooth that I thought needed the root canal would only need a filling. 

Later that day President and Sister Call stopped by to assess the situation.  Took pictures of the xrays and were kind enough to inform my dentist.  Later I was then able to speak to Dr. Jones in Mesa.  He confirmed but said if I wanted I could wait til I get back.  It didn't look too bad.  I looked at the prices and chose to do it here.  It would be a lot cheaper and I was hoping that the pain would go away.  So Tuesday I set the appointment for the following day with the endodontist.

Wednesday morning we took the trip again back to tampico.  It's about an hour and a half sometimes 2 hours on the bus.  Sometimes standing if there are a lot of people.  So then I went in and the endodontist went at it.  Ha ha.  Just him.  I thought they always needed assistants.  Actually it went really smooth.  Very gentle.  Only had my mouth open for like an hour and a half.  Ha ha.  A little tiring.  At the end he finally told me that it was done.  All he was going to do was put a sealing on.  Put the glue on the tooth then he pulls out a lighter. Starts heating up a little metal tool and puts it on my tooth.  And  repeats that a few times until it's all done.  Ok I thought, that was different.  Always had it with an utlra violet gun that seals it all up.  Was a little bit skeptical.  Later I was informed that I would be going to the other dentist to get the other tooth drilled and filled.  Ok I thought. so here goes the needle again.  He fills up my cheek so it goes numb again.  Pulls out the temporary hold from the the root canal.  That's when I found out it was a temporary hold.  Ha ha.  Starts drilling, and drilling.  Afterward I felt the tooth and felt like there was nothing left. She said there was plenty left but that it was a big cavity.  Ya, it was. Then she puts on the glue and seals it up normally with the ultra violet gun.  I think that's what they use.  I'm not a dentist.  All goes well and feels good. 

It went pretty well I thought.  And relatively cheap.  Right now I still have some pain.  I dont know if it's natural to have this pain afterward for this long.  I'm going to go call the dentist in a couple days if it keeps up like it is.  But hey I didnt die, so all is well.  What doesnt kill ya, will only make you stronger right?

So that was the dentist trip.  Spiritually speaking, the week was ok.  A little preoccupied with the dentist and changing a little with the new companion. but Sunday was terrific.  We had an investigator come to church.  We hadn't seen him in like 2 weeks and without any contact. He came to church and we were able to teach him more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He said he can see the changes in his life and said that he would accept the invitation to be baptized.  So we are going to have his baptism in 2 weeks. He is a terrific guy.  Will be a great leader in the church.  And help others also come more unto Christ.  It was a nice tender mercy of the Lord. 

That's about it for my week.  Hope yours went great.  I love you all and know that you are all in my prayers.  As my seminary teacher always said, the Church is true, if you learn, live it, and love it you will be happy I promise. 


Elder James 

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