Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elder Cox's Twelvth Letter From Victoria

Hey family and friends,

So I hope you are all nice and dry and warm.  I'm still trying to dry out from the week long rain we have had. haha.  Much needed but makes it a little difficult as a missionary on foot. haha.  But so is life.  Today is nice and warm.  A few clouds and the sun is shining.  After the storm there is always sunshine.  This week will be a great week.  i just know.

We have been working with some great families lately .  I have found something that was so simple yet helped me out so much.  I couldn't get the attention of the 2 sons that this woman has.  It was like they were so bored with everything we tried.  Then the thought popped into my head to ask the bishop to see if he has the illustrated Book of Mormon book for kids.  It explains the Book of Mormon chapter for chapter in stories simple enough for them.  I remember using them as a kid.  So he had one and we used it.  They fell in love with it.  They were each reading and understood so well.  The mom was like I need that book to help me with some of the things in the Book of Mormon.  It was funny.  DefinItely be asking for one of those from Tampico.

This week has been nice.  It's been a wonderful learning experience.  One thing I learned is not to go to the post office or Sam's Club on your pday.  Because they both take a long time and you have no time to write your family. haha.  But just know all is well here and I love you all so much.  I'm doing great and could not be happier.  Thank you for everything.


Elder Cox

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