Friday, January 6, 2012

Elder Cox's Seventh Letter From Victoria

Hey fam and friends,

Things here are going well.  We are working with two families that are going great.  We are hoping for their baptisms in the next week.  The ward is going great.  My companion is coming along just fine inspite of all my faults.  Ha ha. He will be a lot better than i ever was. 

So New Years was awesome.  We partied really hard. (not)  I was in bed by 10 that night.  I was tired.  It was cold for Christmas and then the heat came New Years Eve.  So we cranked up the AC unit and then we slept pretty hard in-spite of the fireworks and all the other stuff going on.  It gets a little crazy here for New Years.  I hope you all had a great New Years and are having a great start of your new year.  A great opportunity to make new year resolutions.  I hope we all make great resolutions like President Hinckley says, try a little harder to be a little better.  I've made some resolutions to be a little better.  Try a little harder.  Show the Lord that I can be a little better.  I hope this year we all try to show the Lord that we are trying to be a little better to be a servant of the Lord.

I love you all.  I can feel your prayers and know you are asking for wonderful blessing to be poured out upon me and my companion.  And I thank you.  I feel the blessings all around because of your prayers. Thank you.  I hope the Lord will bless you and your family.  God bless you 'til we meet again.


Elder Cox

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