Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elder Cox's Sixth Letter From Victoria

Hey family and friends,

Things are going great here in Mexico.  Not a white Christmas, but we are hopeful :P  I'm enjoying my area very much and my new companion.  We hit it off really well and the work is going forward.  Right now we have another companionship staying with us until they can find an apartment in their area.  Well one of them his name is Elder Rindlisbacker.  He is from Providence, UT.  So we have had some fun times talking about Logan and some of the stuff we miss.  The white Christmas.  Tubing down Old Main hill.  July with the car show and fireworks.  Oh the good old times. Ha ha.  But it's been super fun to have someone to talk to in English and just relax talk.  Not saying I haven't enjoyed Spanish, I do, but sometimes I do miss just speaking English. Ha ha.  Speaking of which my new companion speaks a good amount of English, so it's been fun to be able to speak to him in English when I want to and for the most part he understands me.

The ward here is going great.  We just divided it up between 3 companionships.  It was 2 before.  So there are parts that I got that I have never been to.  There are still parts of my area I have never seen.   It's huge.  It's like the size of a stake there is Arizona or larger.  That's just my area alone.  So I don't have the opportunity to walk down every single street.  But i love it. 
Things here are going well.  I'm learning a tremendous amount this change.  I love you all and miss you.  Hope all is well. 


Elder Cox

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