Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elder Cox's Fifth Letter From Victoria. And First Week As A Trainer.


So I didn't tell you, but this weekend I was expecting a child... and it's a boy!  I got a son on Monday.  Let me explain that part.  When a missionary gets a new fresh missionary to train, they call that a son.  So I'm officially a dad. Ha ha.  Had my first son.  We had an awesome time on Monday.  My grandfather, the one that trained my dad, Elder Larson, trained Elder Gonzalez who trained me and now I'm training Elder Flores.  We had a picture with the first time, that we know of, a great grandfather and his great grandson in the mission at the same time.  Well Elder Larson is going home this week.  He served well.  He was a great missionary.  He told Elder Flores that he has some big shoes to fill.  Elder Larson started a great family tree.  He was a former assistant and he trained two missionaries.  One is the new assistant and the other one is a zone leader.  One of his grandsons is a zone leader and the other is me, a trainer.  So Elder Flores was like, Well, I'll try.  I told him jokingly we don't try, we do in this family.  jaja.  But just a joke.

Elder Flores is a great missionary.  He is from Mexicali.  We hit it off really well from the start.  I feel like these next 2 changes with him are going to be great.  I'm excited!  I couldn't wish for a better Christmas present in the mission than to spend Christmas with my son. :)

Well the mission is going great.  All is well here.  We had a baptism last Sunday.  It went very well. The weather is getting a bit cold.  But I would rather have cold than hot.  All is well.  I hope all is well with you.  I love you all.  Take it easy.


Elder Cox

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