Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Cox's Eighth Letter From Victoria

Hey family and friends,

I hope 2012 is going great for all of you.  Things are going well for me.  This change is coming to an end very quickly.  It went by way too fast.  But I think of all the wonderful things I have learned this change.  I believe I probably have learned more in this change than all of my mission.  It's been a wonderful learning experience.  Pushed me and helped me grow. 

I learned more about what faith is.  What hope is.  What patience is.  All these are necessary to have and aquire in this life and without one you lack them all.  iI'e learned just a little bit more what it means to pass through trials with faith, hope and patience.  I've enjoyed this quote by Elder Wirthlin:  Venga lo que venga, disfrútolo. or Come what may and love it.  As we pass through trials with hope that the future will be brighter and with patience knowing that God is God and all will be made up in the end, then I know we can do all things with His help.  It took me this whole change to realize that God was just testing me.  He wanted me to show forth just a fraction of faith.  And finally at the end of this weekend the blessings came.  And they were poured out from heaven.  I've learned that God has given us certain things that are so simple, all we have to do is just do it.  And do it with faith.  And when we do it, the blessings will come in His good time.  Never do they come in our time.  It's been a wonderful experience to be a trainer and because of it I've learned more of my mistakes and weaknesses.  But we know from Ether that God gives us weaknesses so that we can come unto Him and He will make them strong.  I can testify of that this change.  As one who has a lot of weaknesses, He has helped me in so many ways. Whom God calls, God prepares a way for them to complete all that He asks them to do.  If you are a deacon's president, a bishop, a hometeacher or the prophet. He will make a way for each of us to complete whatever He calls us to do. 

As I have the opportunity to speak with people each and everyday I learn and realize how much God really pays attention to each and everyone of us. He really is concerned for each one of our needs.  I think He loves each and everyone of us so much that the things that matter to us, matter to Him.  And when we are praying for something that is good, and according to His will, i believe He wants to bless us.  So He prepares a way to do so.  I have seen time and time again, as I have had the most wonderful experiences to be the answer to people's prayers.  I never thought I would ever be an answer to someone's prayers.  I am truly astonished at the love He has for each and everyone of us.  That He makes time for and blesses us and answers our prayers. 

Yesterday was one of those days for me.  It seemed each person that we contacted on the street had been prepared by God to be ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And every time it was something different.  From the Book of Mormon being a record of the ancient people of America or that from the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation brings joy in this life and for the eternities.  It's amazing to me how much Jesus loves us and that He would complete the greatest sacrifice of all, the atonement for us. That through the atonement He does help us overcome every trial in our lives.  From the wife who is heavy laden from the burdens of the drunk who needs comfort and extra strength, to the husband who needs to overcome the addiction.  I can testify He helps each and everyone of us in all aspects of our lives if we allow Him to.  I've seen it time and time again.  He lives, I testify.  He atoned for each and everyone of us.  He will make our burdens light if we let Him.  With faith, hope, patience, love, obedience, and the atonement, this life can be joyful and full of love.  Families can grow together in this life, And live forever in the next. 

Just a few things I enjoyed learning and gaining a stronger testimony of this week.  I love you all and trust that God is protecting each and every one of you.  May God bless you 'til we meet again. 


Elder James Cox

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