Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elder Cox's Third Letter From Victoria and Seventh Month Mark

Friends and Family,

The work here is going forth nobly and boldly.  We as missionaries have our work cut out for us.  There is so much to do and so many that are so excited about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's exciting to be a small part of it all.

The weather here has cooled off.  Got really cold for a few days.  I bought a pancho to keep warm. Ha ha.  And then it got hot again.  It's not hot but still a little warm in the sunshine.  The pancho does a lot of good.... not.  Hopefully it cools off for Christmas to feel like Christmas. If not it'll be the first hot Christmas for me.  Ha ha. 

My companion and I are very excited about this area.  We have some great investigators that will be getting baptised very soon.  Last week I  have learned a lot.  We are teaching two girls, ages 8 and 10.  Different houses.  Different families.  But I started to think more about the commandment this week that Jesus gave, that we need to be more like a child.  Not childish, but more like a child.  Meek, humble, full of faith, willing to do all that the Father requires of us.  And as we taught these two girls at different times, i thought of how they are examples to me.  They have great faith and knowledge of the gospel.  More so than I think some members that are adults.  I sat there and thought each time, I'm not teaching them, they are teaching me.  Examples of diligence.  We asked them to read in the Book of Mormon.  They both did.  One asked how much? I said 2 chapters.  Like 5 pages.  She said thats it?  With a smile on my face I said you can read the whole thing if you would like.  She said she would like to.  What great faith and humility.  As one of their siblings was playing and teasing her, she sat there attentive and determined to show Christlike love to her sibling who was bothering her.  There was so much this week I learned from them.  They are excited about their baptisms.  They have strong testimonies and they do not lean on their parents for their testimonies. The truth is, one of the parents is not a member and the others haven't gone to church in years.  I hope my testimony will be as strong as theirs some day.  I hope I show the same faith and love to my Savior as they do each and everyday. 

i walked through Walmart today. It was stuffed full with Christmas things.  I'm truly grateful to be on a mission during Christmas.  What a wonderful opportunity to serve and tell the Christmas story as one of the representatives of Jesus Christ.  It's an opportunity of a lifetime. 

I love you all and grateful for all you have done for me.  May God bless you.


Elder James Cox

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