Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elder Cox's Second Letter From Victoria

Hello family and friends,

Things here are going well.  Had an adventurous week.  First week in Victoria come and gone. It went well I guess.  Actually i lied, started off well and right now going through a few bumps in the road,  Hoping they smooth out very quickly.  But nothing I can't handle.  Will explain further in the letter.

So Friday we were walking over to an investigator's house who has a baptismal date very soon.  Anyway we were walking toward their house and that night it was cold.  Windy and cold.  And we saw a little store. On almost every corner or street there are these little ma and pa shops here.  And so my companion, Elder Medina, beelined it to the store.  He was thinking about how cold it was and how hot chocolate sounded good.  So he bought a bar of chocolate to make hot chocolate over at the investigator's house later.  We then began to talk to the woman attending the store.  We gave her a pass a long card of a picture of Jesus Christ.  She willingly accepted it and we set an appointment to come back the next day.  We came back in the morning and the whole family was there and we talked and got to know the family.  They offered us lunch and we talked some more.  They have a few problems, but who doesn't. We left and on Sunday we felt like we should pass by their house once again.  We arrived and talked some more.  They seemed to be very grateful that we had come at just the right time.  We then found out because the mother told us that we were like her angels.  Sent from God.  She knew that God was answering her prayers.  She said each time we came over was the time that they needed us most.  It was amazing to see as we saw the workings of the Lord in their lives and ours.  As it started to just fit like a puzzle.  It was a great feeling.  I have great hope for this family.  I feel like they are going to progress and find the comfort that they are searching for.

The other great story was on Saturday night we had a Family Home Evening with a member and they had invited another family who were not members.  Well actually their daughter is the only member.  And then they invited another friend who came over also.  Well it went very well and later they told us that they had a great time and felt something special.  The father came with the daughter to church the next day and the friend also.  The friend's name is Root.  We passed by her friend's house on Monday and talked with her and her friend.  Her friend is a member.  And we started to teach the first lesson bout Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  But at the beginning I felt impressed to ask certain questions which lead to her telling us that her dad had passed away.  All she wanted to know was where he is and if he is alright.  That lessons was amazing.  We taught her more about where we came from, why we are here and where we are going.  And she felt a lot more comforted and that her questions had been answered.  She told us of a story how every Saturday she always goes to church with her mother in the evening.  But that last Saturday things had been rough and they had gotten into a fight.  She went over to her friends house (the member her name is Rubi).  Well Rubi told Root that her friend was having a Family Home Evening that night and invited her to come along.  She said she was apprehensive at first but ended up going.  She told us that she felt like all of that had happened for a reason.  It wasn't coincidence.  It was great a experience to see yet again the workings of the Lord in our lives.  We are truly being blessed.

The last great story was just yesterday.  We were walking down this road when a man on a bicycle stopped by and started to talk to us.  He said he felt like he needed to talk to us.  He said he felt something different with us.  He wanted us to stop by his house that he had questions that other people he talked to couldn't answer and is hoping we have the answers. Normally that situation would be weird and I would be like ok.  We will try to stop by some day and when we had time we would stop by.  But for some reason we felt like this was sincere.  So we set an appointment and will be stopping by tomorrow. we will see how it goes...

Yesterday was when it started to get a little bumpy in the road.  We got a text from the landlady that owns a little store in front of the house where we live in the back.  Well aparently they turned the switch for the electricity from on to off.  The missionaries in the office in Tampico who pay the bills for the house hadn't been to pay the electrical bill in over a week.  They had gotten busy and forgot.  Well needless to say we didn't have power yesterday or today.  We rigged up an extension cord from our house to the neighbor's to borrow some of their electricity to wash a little bit of our clothes that would last us today and tomorrow.  We are hoping to have the light back on today.  I always think about how grateful someone becomes when they lack that something.  In our case we forgot how nice it was to have electricity in the house. Forgot how everything runs on electricity.  Definitely a need.  Can't cook, can't wash, can't have AC, can't see.  Can't listen to music.  Can't keep food cold.  Ya.  I'm going to be much more grateful for electricity when it gets turned back on.  Ha ha.

Well that was about my week in a nutshell.  Had a great week.  That's the truth.  I love you all and hope all is well.  The Work here in Mexico is going forth nobly and boldly.  Never be afraid to speak up for the Church and bare your testimony. No matter how small or big your testimony is share it or lose it.  It's the truth.  There are people put in your way every single day by God for you to bless.  It's up to  You decide if you are going to step up and share this beautiful fruit with all the world around you or not.  I imagine it'll be like Lehi in his dream how he said it was that his sons were not able to partake of the fruit yet how great joy he had for those that did.  It's our responsibilty to share the gospel with our friends and family.  They need the gospel just as much as we do.  Great shall be your joy if you bring save one soul unto me.  But oh how great shall be your joy if you bring many unto me.  Share the gospel and be obedient.  I know that God loves each and every one of you.  I love you too.  Keep being great.

Love always,

Elder James Cox

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