Thursday, June 2, 2011

Second Part of Letter One

(so just in case my letter doesnt get completed im sorry. i only have a little bit of time to write emails… so if it cuts off i will snail mail the rest.)So moving on. I’ve been doing some moving around here at the mtc. my first companion was elder gardner. He was from cleveland, ut. i didnt know where that was either. no one does. lol. its about 20 miles outside of price ut. very small. he likes to hunt and fish, and farm. he says anything w a gun and a tractor he loves. he cracked me. we were getting along great. on friday my teacher, bro alldrege had me go talk to his boss, bro reed. we had a small conversation in spanish and he felt like i should be in the intermediate spanish class. so i was a little hesitant at first but i went with the attitude of wherever the Lord wants to put me i will go. Bro reed said i would be stretched and grow in the class. oh was he right. sometimes i feel very lost. everyone speaks spanish in there. next lesson we teach to an investigator will all be in spanish. :)  im a little nervous. definately learning about faith. :)  I feel like ive been thrown in the deep end and told to learn how to swim. im constantly studying and praying for the Lords help. But i know all is well. He will take care of my weaknesses.

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