Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elder Cox's First Letter From the MTC

things here are going well. its prep day and so its a good day. :)  i got to go to the temple and do sealings, doing laundry, and wear regular clothes for a good portion of the day. cant complain.
my days here are all about the same. wake up study all day, take small breaks for breakfast lunch and dinner, and then go to bed. its pretty mundane. lol. oh and we have gym for and hour 5x a week. its a nice break from the classroom. the field just opened up yesterday, which was super nice. beautiful utah weather and sand volleyball, it doesnt get any better than that. haha. come to find out im not too bad at it either. (might have to go look into that after the mission…)
my studies are going well. ive got a goal to read the BofM in a week because as a district we are going to start playing BofM trivia where we quiz each other on anything about the BofM. so i better get going and working on brushing up on my knowledge of the BofM. im starting to learn a lot about studying the scriptures. taking a topic and trying to find everything you can about it. and sometimes sharing what ive learned with my companions and having them be uplifted also. its a lot of fun.
Devotionals are wonderful. every sunday and tuesday evenings we have someone speak to us. theyre always great because ive learned something new everytime even if its a topic that ive studied many times. you go with the spirit of wanted to learn something new, and the spirit will teach you something that you cant even imagine. occasionally we’ll get lucky and have an apostle speak to us. we have had elder oaks and elder scott speak to us. those were some powerful talks. talk bout men who have unshakable testimonies. true men of God. truely strengthens your testimony as you hear and feel theirs.
if you didnt know already, ive gone thru 3 companions in about a week and a half. a lot of moving around because of language levels. some just receive the gift of tongues faster than others. im not in that boat. but hopefully itll come one day. just keep working at it is what im told. so this new companion should be my final move. he should  be my companion for the next 7 weeks. my district is small. it includes elder brandon, martinez, snow (my comp), and I. it wasnt easy at first to get along w these elders. especially my new comp. but with a lot of humiliation of my part, service, and love we are slowly starting to because closer together as a companionship. closer as as brothers. for that is what we all are. brothers and sisters. we realized that God has put us together for a reason. with His help all things are possible. we can become a strong powerful companionship. if He commands it, then He will prepare a way to accomplish it. we learn this from nephi. what a powerful prophet he was.
its not all serios and nose to the grind stone 24/7. we do have a good time when its a appropriate. especially lately. its funny because we all faults and quirky things we do. Being around each other 24/7 we start to figure those quirky things out about the other comps. so we have a lot of fun joking around and having some inside jokes about one another. we are growing closer and having a good time. its going to be a fun next 7 weeks.

oh so mom, i told you i could keep my room clean if i wanted to. our dorm got the cleanest room on the floor. yah. and every missionary has to do assigned service once a week. my comp and i seem to have the best of luck. we always get the toilets. i think we have become professional toilet cleaner now. haha.
well on a more serious note i’m having a great time. learning a lot and growing even more. (including around the stomach area. i have gained a few pounds the first week. i only eat salads now.) but spriritually speaking i feel like i’ve grown and learned a lot in the last 2 weeks. and i will continue learning and growing throughout my mission beacuse i have a lot to learn still. plenty of room to grow.
i love you all! thank you for the letters and the love. they are much appreciated. if anyone wants to write to me and doesnt want to handwrite a letter you can type it on or shoot me an email and ill check it every thurs on p day. thank you for the prayers and support. i feel them each day. thank you. i love you.
love always,
Elder James Cox

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