Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elder Cox's Second Letter From the MTC

Hola mi familia y amigos!
Things here are great! The MTC is truly the place for the Lords missionaries to learn and grow. It’s definately a very spiritual and sometimes fun place. I enjoy thee work here. There is a lot of stretching and growing I’m doing in the Gospel and in my mission language. Definately is hard work.
On Tuesday Elder Oaks spoke to us. The Spirit was so strong bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. Elder Oaks gave us a lot of inspiring words and direction as how to be a great missionary. I really enjoyed how he didn’t paint a pretty picture. He told us its going to be hard work, but so worth it in the end. Some great quotes I loved was; “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”" Labor diligently and you will be perfected in the work” and “No good deed goes unpunished”. The best part of the talk was his testimony as a special witness of Jesus Christ. That night you knew what he was saying was true. The thought came to me while I was listening to him was, I also am a witness of Jesus Christ. I represent Him and wear His name on my missionary tag. I hope I am doing all I can to live up to that name. I pray I am doing all I can so that when I bear my testimony of Jesus Christ and His Gospel on the earth that the investigator that I will be teaching will know by the power of the Holy Ghost that what I am saying is true.
(so just in case my letter doesnt get completed im sorry. i only have a little bit of time to write emails… so if it cuts off i will snail mail the rest.)
So moving on. I’ve been doing some moving around here at the mtc. my first companion was elder gardner. He was from cleveland, ut. i didnt know where that was either. no one does. lol. its about 20 miles outside of price ut. very small. he likes to hunt and fish, and farm. he says anything w a gun and a tractor he loves. he cracked me. we were getting along great. on friday my teacher, bro alldrege had me go talk to his boss, bro reed. we had a small conversation in spanish and he felt like i should be in the intermediate spanish class. so i was a little hesitant at first but i went with the attitude of wherever the Lord wants to put me i will go. Bro reed said i would be stretched and grow in the class. oh was he right. sometimes i feel very lost. everyone speaks spanish in there. next lesson we teach to an investigator will all be in spanish. :) im a little nervous. definately learning about faith. I feel like ive been thrown in the deep end and told to learn how to swim.
:) im constantly studying and praying for the Lords help. But i know all is well. He will take care of my weaknesses.
so with a new class come a new district, new schedule, and new companion.
ill start with my new companion. his name is elder hapairai. he is from tahiti and hawaii. he speaks french, english, japanese, tahitian and now spanish. he never spoke spanish til he got here at the mtc. he was bumped up to the intermediate class day before me. since wed he has become almost fluent over night. In the lessons i let him do most of the talking in spanish. i just give him a scripture to use or something like that and then i feel like i put in my 2 cents. lol. he is truly amazing and has the gift of tongues. He is patient with me in my broken spanish.
so i have 1 minute left. wow times has flown by. i wish i could finish my email. i will send the rest to you in snail mail and hopefully it will get to you by sat. i love you all. oh ya my mailbox has changed to #98 and my departure date is 0620. please use those.
elder cox.

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