Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elder Cox's Third Letter From the MTC

Hey family and friends!How's it going? Life here at the MTC is going well. This week has flown by. Its been one crazy busy week. I ran out of time last P-Day so that's why I didn't send out an email. I almost didn't have time today to email. I guess I'll start today and work my way backwards.
Today was a nice rainy day. Its been raining on and off this past week. Which has been great. Everyone from here hates it, but being the Arizonan that I am, I love the rain because its so rare in Mesa. Today was P-Day which means temple time. I love going to the temple. It's so nice to go and just sit and be still. Today my companion (Elder Snow) and I went to do sealings. As missionaries we are only allowed to do endowments, initiatories, and sealings only as witnesses or as children. It was a pleasant experience to be able to listen to the words of that sacred ceromony and realize the promises that I will make one day with a future eteranal companion. But most importantly the thought came to my mind again of the whole picture of why I am here. Its not about baptisms. Its not about conversions. Those things are great. But its about doing the Lords work and helping people to the temple to be sealed as families for eternity. It's the whole picture that matters. Having eternal life with God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and with our families for eternity. It was a great experience at the temple to say the least. For it gave me even more of a boost of motivation to work hard and trust in the Lord.After I got back from the temple there was a note on our residence door saying that 2 the missionaries were needed at the travel office, which meant they were going to get there visas today. (I was sitting down a little depressed because that meant 3/4 will now have there visas in my district, i will be the only one who doesnt have on yet. then within about a few minutes i hear over the intercom that i was needed at the travel office. i was excited! Im going to get my visa! well there was about 25 of us missionaries that were all going to Mexico. we loaded up on the bus and headed for SLC to get our visas.
Well once we got there we got our pictures taken and waited. and waited some more. and about 3 hours later they informed us that only 7 of the 25 were able to receive their visas because "their systems were down". Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky few. So I get to be one of the lucky few that gets to go on the bus at 6:30 tomorrow morning to go try again. Yah. (not) haha. But overall it is good news because that means I'll for sure be going to mexico June 20. Can't wait. I'm so excited to get out of here and go on to mexico and be immersed in the language and teaching the good people of Tampico. I've bumped into some people that have been there. They have said a lot of exciting things about it. Some I will not say for I fear my mother would not sleep at night. But I'm stoked! I know the Lord will take care of me. I have no fear. Faith in the Lord i have found is a wonderful tool and i can work mighty miracles with even just a ounce of faith. I know that to be true.The rest of the days here have just flown by. I have been studying spanish and the gospel everyday. Both I feel need a lot of work, but slowly I feel that i am starting to build a foundation where i can start to build upon. "Build upon a firm foundation"Unfortunately I am running out of time. Im limited to how long i can email. But I have enjoyed your letters so much. it brightens my day each time there is a letter for me. thank you all so much for everything. The cards, packages, love, support, and great examples. Thank you all. I love you all! God bless each and everyone of you.

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