Monday, January 14, 2013

Elder Cox's Eleventh Letter From the University Branch Area

Hey family and friends,

How're things going?  We had a great day.  We decided to take a tour of part of Tampico. It wasn't anything special, except the crocodilles. There is a lagoon that's in the middle of Tampico.  And it's full of crocodilles.  Well, sometimes they get brave or curious and start to head into someone's house or whatever.  And the firemen here really have nothing to do, so they get calls that there is an alligator in my front yard or something like that and they get to go pick it up and throw it back into the lagoon. And while we were over there it just happened that the firemen had one wrapped up.  And they let us hold it.  It was a small one.  I'll send you the pics.  It's cool. 

But other than that, the spiritual part of the week went really well.  We will be having a baptism this week.  Excellent guy.  And my comp gave an excellent talk yesterday.  Mine was bad.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they just suck (Editor's note: Who else thinks that is inappropriate language for a missionary?:)  Well sadly mine wasn't that great, but my comp's was super.  He really brought down the hammer on all the members, but with so much love that they didn't even feel it. They all felt like they needed to do better, but it was done in such a classic way.  I was surprised.  Because of that, just after that we received a referral from a member saying that she wanted to invite her neighbor over to listen to the mssionaries.  She has never heard them before.  I was happy that my comp was able to hit home with the members. 

The weather is great.  It's cloudy and a little cool.  I'm hoping for a miracle and that it stays cool until April.  Just hold out a few months until I get home.  Haha. 

Oh, funny story.  So, there is a sister here that is serving with her husband as missionaries at the temple.  He is an American.  She is a Mexican.  She told us to stop by yesterday for some tamales.  They were sweet tamales.  They put some sugar in them.  They usually only make them this time of the year.  They're good.  And then she sent us on our way with red vines, almond joys, and snickers.  All from the States.  OOO!  It was good.  Haha.  Nice treat.  But really I got to kick the sweets and soda.  It's killing me.  I'm almost ready to just give up because the members love giving us food.  I've come to the conclusion that whatever, I'm coming home fat.  Back at the house I will be able to lose it.  Because it's impossible here.  Haha. 

I love you all.  Have an excellent week.

Elder Cox

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