Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elder Cox's Ninth Letter From the University Branch Area

Hey family and friends,

Christmas is just around the corner.  So, Merry Christmas!  Wow, isnt it amazing that this year flew by?  Well it did for me. And now this Friday is the end of the world.  Life was surely short for me.  Too bad I didn't get to enjoy it a little more.  Hehe. Actually we are having a ward activity that night, so iI'l be partying for the last day of the world.  Hehe.  Well not partying like that.

It sure is nice to have the confidence that God is in control.  He speaks to his prophets and we need not to waiver nor fear when men cry out, the world is near.  The gospel is true.  And what joy it brings to us that we know that families can be together forever. Sadly to say, I don't think the end is near.  We ain't there yet. But gettin' close.  Hehe. 

So this was a great transfer.  About 5 weeks ago President Jordan told me that I would be training this coming transfer.  I was excited to hear that.  But a little sad because that meant I would probably be leaving and having to white wash an area for Christmas with a kid.  A new missionary.  But last week President asked me in an interview if I wanted to stay.  I said,  I get to choose?  Well I would like to stay.  I love the area and really don't want to be in another area for Christmas.  Well he answered my plea and told me that I'm staying and will be receiving my kid.  But the downside is I'm still in 2 very large areas. Double the work.  Oh boy.  Haha. 

So Monday I dropped off my old comp, Elder Barrientos and later went over to the mission home to go pick up the new missionary. That is where I received Elder Quiñones from Durango, Durango. We had a long day of training and then finally got home late.  It's going to be a great change.  I'm excited to have another kid for Christmas.  Hehe. 

Family, you will be able to talk to him on Christmas.  He's learning English.  So we will see how it goes.  Hehe. 

I love you all. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Elder James Cox

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