Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elder Cox's Tenth Letter From Victoria

Hey, fam and friends,  (Editor's note:  I'm leaving the syntax alone so you can see how Elder Cox is thinking in Spanish)

Another week flew by.  We went to Tampico my companion Elder Flores and I on Thursday.  We took the nice bus in.  We decided what the heck, we will pay a little extra out of our pocket to ride the first class bus in.  hehe.  It was so worth it.  There were Lazy Boy seats and Subway.  And it was completely quiet, unlike normal buses they play a movie in the bus.  This bus has individual tvs with headphones.  So we just crashed and fell asleep.  It was a nice little siesta.  So once we got into town about 8:30 at night, we got picked up and half of us were chosen to stay the night with President Call and his wife at the mission home.  The others would go to the house of the office elders.  So Elder Flores and I were one of the 4 companionships that stayed the night at the mission home.  Had pizza and icecream for dinner.  Then slept well.  It was sooo nice to have carpet under your feet.  You take that for granted in the States.  And in the morning Sister Call gave us cereal and OJ.  Oh ya with real milk from good 'ol HEB (Editor: I'm not sure what HEB is, maybe a grocery store or brand?).  Oh ya.  We were livin' like kings.  Real milk and cereal. Woo hoo!  haha. 

Then Friday morning we went to a training for all the trainers of the same generation that I am in and their kids.  It went really well. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn and realize I still have sooo much to learn.  We had written 6 weeks ago letters to our future kids that we would be receiving.  Some of our goals and dreams for the future change.  Then later we opened up those letters with our comps.  I felt like it was the judgement day.  Ya I didn't complete all of those goals.  Forgot I set all those goals.  So I learned a few things from that experience.  Set goals realistic, then write them down and look at them consistantly to be able to remember and work on them.  We realized that we need to reset these goals and we are going to be better missionaries this change.  We are going to complete our goals.

After that I was supposed to have my dentist appt. but I canceled it.  I don't know if it was fear or what I just didn't feel good about it.  But I will get around to going one of these days. haha.  Afterward this weekend went well. Yesterday we had a wonderful lesson with a woman and her 2 kids.  We had dropped them when I was with Elder Medina, but now they are progressing and going to church.  We felt it was time, and set a date for their baptisms.  It's interesting how it's all in the Lord's time.  Almost 3 months later they are going to be baptized.  It's a great feeling being an instrument in the Lord's hands and helping His children return back to Him. 

Then this morning we went to the stake center and had interviews with President Call.  It went well and I was able to have a wonderful learning experience with him.  During the interviews we watched a movie called 17 Miracles.  If you haven't seen it yet, you must go see it.  It's one that should be in your home.  It's about the pioneers, the Martin Willie Handcart Company. The miracles that they received in their trip across the plains. (mom, bring some tissues) It was a good show.  Definitely things that helped me.  It makes me realize I'm complaining way too much.  I have nothing to complain about right now. 

Pues, fue me semana.  Fue marivillosa, como siempre. espero que Dios este bendiciendoles en sus vidas.  El Evangelio ciertamente puede bendecir sus vidas si le permitan. 

Les amo mucho.  Que tengan un buen dia.


Elder Cox

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