Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elder Cox's Fifteenth Letter From Tampico and Sixth Month Mark

Wow can't believe it's almost time for changes again.  It seems like just yesterday I was writing about my new comp.  Monday is changes.  But I have a weird feeling like Elder Mendez and I still have one more change together.  I think President hinted towards that in his email today.  So this week went very well.  We saw great things happen this week.

Wednesday after emailing we went to the stake center next to the temple and offices and received information and instruction about the activity that was going to happen Saturday.  Elder Mendez and I were chosen out of about 20 companionships to go to the run for the family activity.  It was a 5k run or walk for the family and the donations would go to buying material for the children of DIF here in Madero.  It went pretty well.  More people than I thought would show up showed up.  About 250 people ran/walked the 5k.  Elder Mendez and I were responsible for the halfway point to cheer them on and hand out water.  It was cool.  We were with another companionship with Elder Ocampo who is best friends with Elder Mendez.  They've known each other for years and his comp Elder Hendrix from good 'ol Mesa AZ.  He went to Mt View.  We talked about AZ and things that were before the mission.  We had some people we knew in common.  It was cool. 

After that we booked it home and prepared for our Noche de Hogar.  Family Home Evening activity for the ward.  The ward hasn't had a FHE for years.  It has been a long time since they had an activity just for the members in the ward.  So we decided to have an activity and hope that investigators would come and also be invited.  We watched two 20 minute movies.  Only A Stonecutter and John Tanner.  Great movies.  They're on the set of DVD's that are about the Doctrine and Covenants.  We bought popcorn and punch and set up a projector for the ward.  It went a little rough at the beginning seemed like everything just kept falling apart but smoothed out and turned out great.  We bought 1.5 kilos of popcorn seeds and ran out.  They told us that was probably the only thing we faulted was not enought popcorn.  jaja.  Next time we will do better.  We had two great investigators come and because of the activity were more open to lessons with the us and wanted to know when the next activity was.  We will definitely be trying to plan an activity again very soon. 

About the weather.  Great news yesterday a big gust of wind came in from the north and blew and blew.  it was a nice cool breeze.  It was like a September or October breeze in Arizona.  Where it's a fresh cool, dry breeze.  More on the windy side.  It was nice.  Elder Mendez is from Durango which is a lot like Arizona  So we felt at home yesterday.  Last night it was actually cold. Well cold is relative.  Cold for me.  We don't sleep with sheets and I slept with a sheet last night.  It was that cold.  jaja.  I know one sheet.  jaja.  This morning was a nice cold shower.  Gotta love a nice cold shower when you're cold... Oh how I would like to have a working hot water heater this morning...Oh well.  I thought about it and it was almost like the water was getting warmer.  But never did.  Needless to say it's a great way to take a short shower.  Shower with cold water when it's cold and I'm pretty sure you can cut your showertime way down.  jaja.  But it's relatively nice today.  Still warm but not scorching hot. 

Well that's about it with me.  I went to the temple had a wonderful time.  Afterward some of the  missionaries went to McDonald's.  Never been a huge fan... but we don't have very much money and wanted to eat something American.  So of course McDonald's it was.  I had 3 hamburgers, fries, an icecream cone and large drink all for 75 pesos.  Not bad.  It was McDonald's... nothing new.  jaja. 

Oh almost forgot.  This week an investigator from months and months ago returned home from work.  He was in the Dominican Republic for awhile.  He works out of the country a lot.  And returned and we bumped into him.  He asked if we would like to eat with him sometime.  We said that would be fine.  As missionaries we never refuse food.  So he said he would cook some fish Sunday for us.  So after Church we went with a sister in the ward who always cooks great food Sundays.  Got there at 2:30.  Finished at around 3:30.  We ate tamales.  Hmm the best tamales you can imagine are from here.  They make them with the banana leaves.  Oh, juicy and full of flavor.  Pork is the best.  Yum.  I can eat 20 of those.  So good.  Fresh and all.  I can't eat a tamale from Arizona again.  They're so dry and lack of flavor.  I'm sorry you are missing out.  And so that wasn't new.  We eat tamales all the time. The best was at 5 o'clock the investigator prepared food for us.  We arrived there a little late because we were teaching another person and he liked to talk and talk and we couldn't leave.  So we finally arrived at the house with the food and we got to the table and it was full of shrimp.  Ohhhh!  Did it look so good!  There was so many different types and ways he cooked the shrimp.  He lived single for like 8 years before he met his wife and had a family.  And learned how to cook for himself.  Ohhh!  Was that probably the best meal I have had here.  Shrimp as big as my hand.  Shrimp fried.  Shrimp cocktail.  Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp. yum... all for us. (Editor's note: I don't know about you, but I'm thinking Forrest Gump :)  Oh, it was wonderful.  We left there with stomachs so full and smiles touching our ears. (Editor: Not hard to picture with Elder Cox)  That was definitely delicios.  Hate to break it to you but the fish here is so good.  Fresh and delicious.  I'm hoping I get the chance to go to an area closer to the beach.  There are more people who cook fish as you get closer to the beach.  Common sense duh... oh well.  One day.  After eating that meal I was a little jealous of Elder Mendez because he spent 6 months at the beach eating fish.  One day I hope to go... 
Well that's about it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the short email. :P jaja.  
Thank you for your love and support.  May God bless you 'til we meet again. 


Elder James Cox

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