Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Cox's Ninth Letter from Tampico

 Dear Family and Friends.

Oh another great week passed and gone.  And all I  have are memories.  It's funny how the memories of hot and tired and smelly and all that can really wear you down.  But then you have one great moment and it's like wow! it's all worth it.  The effort put forth makes it that much sweeter.  I don't remember if I told you about last week and a contact on the street we found.  Her name is Pina.  She read the Book of Mormon about 7 years ago cover to cover.  Her husband is Jorge and he doesn't like reading.  And they have a daughter that is 12 that is very smart and quick.  It's been fun to see the amazing transition happen in such a short amount of time.  We met them almost 2 weeks ago.  The first lesson Jorge told us he wanted to go to church and change his job so he can attend church and have a day for the Lord.  We were like wow!  Great.  He is in search of another job so he can do that.  Great faith.  He had the first Sunday off because of vacation and the last Sunday he was able to switch with a companion from work.  He truly is a testimony builder.  At first he was a little hesitant and had a lot of doubts.  And he really didn't want to read the Book of Mormon.  He doesn't really like to read.  And then he decided to read a chapter we gave him.  And he read it.  Didn't understand a thing.  Read it 4 times this chapter and he said he learned one tiny thing.  He said it was so hard.  I thought oh boy this is going to be difficult.  So I asked him why he read this chapter.  And his response was because you told me to.  And I thought of the chapter.  It was Ether 3.  And I thought of the brother of Jared and he goes okay I'll do it because you told me to.  Go build the barges. I will because you told me to.  Great I thought this is faith.  But I didn't want him to read it for me or for my comp but only for himself.  To read it for himself and to find out if it was true for himself.  So he tried it again and had some questions and learned a little bit.  Then the next visit was great.  Oh I forgot to tell you that they are so awesome that they arrive at the church like 20 minutes early and the members arrive 20 min late.  It's hard to explain why when they ask me this question.  I was like uhhh.. what do I say... they are awesome examples of a family of great faith and obedience.

Okay so it was truly an awesome experience Saturday with them.  He related to us that he woke up at 4 in the morning and couldn't sleep.  Started reading the Book of Mormon.  Didn't like it,  couldn't understand it. and so he decided he would pray.  Had a prayer and started to read and enjoyed it and understood it.  He said he read and read.  It was truly an ahh experience for us.  We were like ya!!!   So we started talking about things and we were just lead by the Spirit.  And then he said you know what?  I want to be baptized.  I want to experience it.  I want to know how it feels.  And we were like Wow! Okay what do we say... okay just sit there and enjoy it.  And so the whole family has a baptismal date and are preparing for it.  It's truly awesome to see that.

I have had some amazing experiences like this. And I just don't have enough time to write it all but I wish I could share it all with you.  These experiences have truly blessed my life and grown my testimony!  There is nothing so sweet and so hard as a mission.  Nothing so rewarding as a mission that I have ever experienced.  I love it here!  And wish you all could be here to enjoy it with me.  I love you all and love to hear from you.  Thank you all so much for your words of love and prayers.  May God bless you.


Elder James Cox

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