Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elder Cox's Thirteenth Letter From Tampico

Family and friends,

Things here are going well.  Cooling down a bit, but I wouldn't consider it 'cool' yet. lol.  Well I'm sorry I didn't get to write you last week.  It was a bit hectic for my pday. 

Last week it changed from Monday to Wednesday and now we get 2 more hours in our pday.  Also we are able to go to the temple each Wednesday if we live in the nearby area and we want to go.  So of course we decided to go last week.  It went very well of course.  Always a sweet spirit.  We stopped by Wal mart and right next to it was a Little Ceasar's and they had a discount on their pizza.  So being starving missionaries of course we had to stop by and have a delicious pizza.  I thought before my mission Little Ceasar's was just okay.  Now my perspective has changed and it is sooo wonderful.  Delicious.  It's funny how  my perspective has changed.  And I used to think it was cheap. Five dollars.  Now it's expensive at like 70 or 80 pesos.  Being a poor missionary my perspective of cheap and expensive has changed also. Ha ha. I wash my clothes by hand to save 70 or 80 pesos.  That can buy 2 jars of peanut butter or a pizza.... Ha ha. 

Well I think the highlight of my week was Saurday and Sunday.  This Conference was probably the best Conference I have ever experienced.  I spent the day at the Stake Center.  I absolutely loved Conference.  And I watched it in English.  I think there is something special about being able to listen to the voices of the prophets instead of a translator.  But that's just me.  The first session we were able to bring an investigator to and she had her testimony start to grow as she listened to the prophet's voice.  It was so nice to let the Spirit take over and allow her to have her testimony grow that this Church is true.  The gospel has been restored once again on the earth.

In between 1 and 2 session we went to a member's house and had wonderful food.  So good.  Sopa y tortas con res y salsa que tenia sabor no puedo describirla.  Como la mejor salsa en toda mi vida.  Yum.  So good.  But the sad thing is I couldn't get the recipe because it's a family secret.  Maybe I can pry it out of them.  Ha ha. jk.  Then after the second session we had a baptism.  His name is Sergio.  He is a great guy.  Has a strong testimony.  Loves Institute and has a strong desire to go on a mission.  He is 23 and is going to try to make that happen.  It was a great experience to have his baptism and hear his powerful testimony after. 

Then directly after was Priesthood session.  Wasn't that awesome?!  I loved it.  Elder Holland is my hero.  I was like woohoo way to go.  I was glad that he said the things that he did because we have some young men in the ward who needed to hear that.  But unfortunately we didn't have hardly anyone come to Priesthood session. (I still chuckle at the words, I'm going to get in your face a little. It's the last few minutes of the game and you can't afford to step out of lines.)  That talk was great. 

Then we watched the Sunday morning session.  And what do you know another great session.  Absolutely loved it.  I got a call from one of our converts Maria de la Cruz.  Her husband had fallen out of a tree and had some serious problems.  Well he was in the hospital for the last 2 weeks.  The first week he didn't move or wake up the whole week.  Maria and her children decided to leave his bedside and go to church. When they returned that evening her husband had woken up and could open his eyes.  Great progress!  And then last Sunday I got a call from him.  He had completely woken up and started talking.  He remembered everyone and wanted to talk to his missionaries.  Ha ha. So it was exciting that things are going better for them.  She has faith like I have never seen before.  Truly it was by her faith and prayers that he is healed. 

Well after that then we went to lunch, same place again.  Oooh same food again.  Sooo good!  Oh I forgot to tell you.  So during lunch Saturday I was telling the mother, Sister Enriquez that at home we  would make conference a big deal.  Watch conference, have lunch, spend time with the family.  And the best time was at my sister Katie and her husband Chad's who have dvr.  And so we could watch it and then pause it if we need to.  It was great.  She thought that was great.  She has a 40 inch flat screen and comp hooked up to it and I said well you can just watch Conference at your house.  You have everything you need.  She fell in love with that idea.  The whole family decided to relax on the couches and enjoy conference.  My comp and I went back to the Stake Center to watch it in English for me.  So we returned back Sunday for the 2nd session.  After it was over I was kind of sad.  It was like wow! its over. I blinked and it was over.  But oh well. Back to work. 

That was about the highlight of my week.  We keep working and working.  Finding people coming out of the woodwork who truly have been prepared by the Lord to recieve this message.  This is truly the most enriching and inspiring moment in my life.  For all those who are thinking about a mission I would say do it.  Do it in a heart beat.  Read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, find out if it is true for yourself.  I testify that it is.  Gain a testimony and prepare, then go and have the best 2 years of your life!

I know the Church is true.  Joseph Smith truly did translate the Book of Mormon by the power of God and is a true prophet of God.  My Savior Jesus Christ lives.  God the Father is my father.  He loves me and I know that. He loves you also more than you can imagine.  For that reason He sent His Son to the Earth.  We have a prophet on the earth today.  President Thomas S. Monson, who spoke to us just this weekend.  Anyone who heard him could hear and feel that he is a prophet of God. This is the true Church of Jesus Christ.  If there is anyone who has a doubt about it, test it.  Test it and see if it is true.  Read the Book of Mormon and I know that by the power of the Holy Ghost you can receive an answer that is from God.  An answer that is special, personal, and indescribable.  God truly does want you to return back to live with Him some day.  There is a way back.  There always is a way back.  The Atonement is real, all men can be forgiven if they choose to humble themselves and repent.  He is always waiting with a loving hand.  I testify these things are true.  In the sacred name of my Savior, Redeemer, even Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Elder James Cox

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