Monday, July 11, 2011

Elder Cox's Third Letter from Tampico and His Third Month Mark

Well all is well in Mexico. Still hot and humid. The evenings aren't too bad. Fresco as they say. But the problem with that is that doesn't happen 'til about 8pm and so we only have an hour of good weather. And the other thing is the mosquitoes like it too so they come out at that time too. It's a lot of fun fighting them off. ha ha.
So I had my first baptism that I was the one baptizing. We had a brother and sister, Yacer and Lucero, 14 and 11. I baptised Lucero and a member of the ward baptised Yacer. He is in the Young Men's presidency and we were hoping that might help with the retention of the new members. It was good. Small, just Lucero, Yacer and their mom. The ward Mission Leader came and conducted and the other person that showed up was Fernando, the man in the Young Men's presidency. This ward has a hard time with fellow-shipping and retaining. I don't know why its difficult. We are trying to work with more members and get the members involved and fellow-shipping. To give you an idea. We have anywhere from 50 to 75 members show up each Sunday. Not bad. Well there is a list of over 700 members on the Bishop's list. Quite a few inactives. we are working with members and inactives a lot. coming up with new ways to help us do the Lords work in a more effective way.
The Spanish is coming, a little difficult at times. Well a lot. Hopefully it'll come one day... 'til then I keep trying to speak in my broken Spanish and my trainer can usually understand and will re say in the correct way what I meant to say. It's fun. It takes some time to say the same thing twice. I'm glad he is patient with me and I can't tell that he gets frustrated. He just keeps smiling and working hard. Always willing to help me. I'm blessed with such a great companion.
Here is my Spanish. just a little bit. It's easier to write because then that gives me time to think and say it a lot better than I would if I was to speak it. Sorry for my incorrect Spanish.  Just going to give it a shot to all those who speak Spanish that are reading this. Jueves fue un buen dia. En la mañana tuvimos entrevistas con nuestro Presidente. Quiero mucho a la Hna. Call. Ella es siempre bondadosa y de buen corazón con nosotros los misioneros. Entonces, recibimos un DVD portatil para nuestra casa. Esto es para poder ver las peliculas de Predicad Mi Evangelio. Los misioneros de todo el mundo recibieron un DVD portatil. Espero que los misioneros odescan todos reglas sobre el DVD portatil.
Anyway... things here are going well. We have a family of four we are going to be baptizing next week. This week they had work. They work the weekends, every other. So it's difficult for them this week. They are wonderful.
I hope things are going well with you. May God bless you and your family.

Love always
Elder Cox

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